Codes New - Updated on December 28, 2022

Magic Revenge is a brand new RPG mobile game that features many legendary heroes and epic battles. Hire the best fighters, arrange them in the right order and come up with your own tactics to defeat a variety of opponents. The rank system allows you to develop characters and make them invincible heroes. It will be quite easy to fight with auto battles even for beginners in the gaming world.

Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG
 Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
ZO0BTW62K7J February 3, 2023
XLC4NSPOQZ January 21, 2023
5IH309MZB January 26, 2023
T85DB9AHEYU January 20, 2023
1GLQK5NV3AE4 January 3, 2023
W0E8GXHR3QY February 15, 2023
TFX307DLZSN January 21, 2023
V3Q0ZREAOX January 16, 2023
1YANI26QO February 18, 2023
58QKNOVJ4DX January 12, 2023
3GURTC8JFE24 January 15, 2023
0DZFX91RW6V January 1, 2023

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