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It will be the craziest real time war. Every mobile user should download Massive Warfare: Aftermath for Android and immerse themselves in this innovative game. This is a really cool game, made in incredibly cool 3D graphics and with cool features. Engage in crazy battles with players around the world and for this you can use absolutely any military vehicle. Players will have access to such vehicles as warships, cool helicopters and even modern tanks. The gameplay takes place in first-person mode, and thanks to this, you can even more penetrate into the atmosphere of the realism of the war.

Massive Warfare: Aftermath
 Coupon Codes (2022 December) 1.68.317
All Codes Expiration date
4WO7KCAG5FH November 24, 2022
QYXDZ52RWU November 22, 2022
LQT374CUK November 24, 2022
AESFBOZ2LP7 January 5, 2023
75X3L1HCDK90 December 7, 2022
DIQAU5YC17S November 29, 2022
5COZK0NLPXY December 15, 2022
TKU2WXCLAE January 13, 2023
M5ZBLH73Y December 13, 2022
SD2A49Z7IFH December 20, 2022
1SA4DO7JHF30 November 30, 2022
RNMTHU5DB7X January 2, 2023

If you were able to download Massive Warfare: Aftermath for Android, you will be crazy about these fantastic features:

  • Realistic 3D image graphics with visual effects;
  • Large-scale multiplayer battles filled with tension;
  • A huge selection of weapons and equipment for your personal hero;
  • A wide variety of military equipment of water, land and air types;
  • Powerful graphics and intelligent engine.

Tanks, planes and ships in war You have never seen a game like this shooter. Be sure to take part in this global and powerful virtual war. To advance along the game storyline, you will have the opportunity to use absolutely any weapons and vehicles. Use such equipment as tanks, ships and planes to continue the war. Feel the realism and scale of the war in real time. You can be the first to test yourself in this gameplay, and then be sure to tell your friends, because playing together will be much more interesting. Progress and gain experience to continue the game.

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