Merge Dragons! MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 11.5.0

Updated on June 9, 2024

Name Merge Dragons!
Publisher Zynga
Category Game New
Version 11.5.0
Price FREE
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Merge Dragons: A Fantasy Puzzle Adventure

In this puzzle, you will find yourself in a fantasy world among dragons, monsters, and other creatures. Dive into the magical realm by downloading Merge Dragons! on Android and embark on a journey filled with numerous goals and tasks waiting to be completed. Strategize and engage in a wide array of challenges to ensure the prosperity of Dragonia, develop your monsters, expand your territory, heal new lands, and populate them with majestic Dragons. Explore the possibilities of collecting a vast number of eggs, cultivating abundant vegetation, and acquiring treasures essential for the creatures’ growth.

Features of Merge Dragons Puzzle

If you download Merge Dragons! on Android, you will experience the following features that enhance your gameplay:

  • Beautiful modern fantastic graphics creating an immersive environment.
  • Over five hundred unique items at your disposal.
  • Completely new and unique puzzle gameplay.
  • Engage in town planning and development on the green island.
  • Heal the lands and territories within this magical world.
  • More than a hundred original levels with challenging tasks and goals.
  • Unlock secret levels and additional gameplay opportunities.

Embark on a Magical Journey

The player will encounter a myriad of challenging puzzles on their path to the final goal. Explore uncharted territories of the earth and witness the beauty of mythical creatures. The key to progressing lies in collecting an abundance of eggs and enhancing your Dragons as they grow in power and capabilities. Construct a variety of objects with different effects to aid in your development and evolution. Aim to achieve numerous awards and share your accomplishments with friends as you witness your small dragon transform into a powerful being.

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