Game Mobile - Updated on March 6, 2022

Mini DayZ 2 is a simple pixel game that will open up the world to you after the invasion of zombie monsters. The planet was covered by an unknown virus that turned most people and animals into mutant zombies, and you, as one of the survivors, will have to lead the surviving camp, where a small handful of surviving people have gathered. Explore many locations in search of the necessary resources for the survival of you and your people.

Mini DayZ 2

You are the leader and your task is to ensure the safety and survival of the people who have trusted you. You must prove that you are able not only to fight in bloodthirsty battles with hordes of zombie monsters but also to be a competent and far-sighted leader.

Mini DayZ 2

You have to monitor the cultivation of plant crops, equip the camp, build defenses, monitor the security around your camp, repel the attacks of the army of monsters on it. But for all this to be possible, resources are needed. To do this, you must go on raids on unexplored territories and, in mortal danger, obtain vital resources, because not only your life but also the survival of others depends on your success.

Mini DayZ 2

In raids, you can find other people and provisions, as well as get rare blueprints that will allow you to create improved weapons and protective equipment. Become a real leader and prove that you are worthy of survival.

Mini DayZ 2

Mini DayZ 2 mod Unlimited needs is a game that doesn’t have flashy graphics, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. A simple interface, easy controls, interesting tasks, and missions will captivate you for a long time and will not leave you indifferent. Install the mod for a lot of money and plunge into all the delights of survival in the world of zombies.

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