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Modern Ops – Online PvP Shooter is a real-time shooting game with a first-person view. Try yourself as a member of a very intense combat operation and fight against other players.

Modern Ops – Online PvP Shooter
 Discount Codes (2022 December) 8.10
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QA749ER2FML January 1, 2023
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ZOXUAW9SJ26 January 19, 2023

The player will be waiting for battles in multiplayer mode, against players around the world. Take part in fights in the coolest locations and enjoy the quality of thoughtful schemes. Accept a challenge from competitors or friends. Choose for yourself one of the parties, for example, you can become a policeman or play the role of a terrorist and seize power. At the moment, more than three dozen types of different weapons are available in the game, and some are very powerful. Choose your own combat tactics in Modern Ops – Online PvP Shooter and use any methods to solve problems. For example, it will be possible to carry out attacks in a shooting game using turrets or even helicopters. You will definitely enjoy this high-quality 3D graphics and you will enjoy participating in an amazing battle. Features of Modern Ops – Online PvP Shooter

  • Convenient tactical gameplay;
  • Very dynamic real-time battles%
  • The mass of types of weapons;
  • Cool 3D graphics in realistic style.

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