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From the builders of the final phrase fantasy sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge, experience the immersive mild novel of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor come to life! Relive the story based totally on the well-known novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, the place you are totally free to play your means! Flip into victorious in weekly tournaments and declare your crown and epic rewards as champion! Strive the ever-changing dungeons by the use of the Chaotic Entrance! Get further EXP and unusual treasures by the use of these dungeons full of nefarious foes and extremely efficient bosses.

Moonlight Sculptor Mod APK 1.0.219

Between the time I installed and the time I get to the loading screen past the character development it logged out 47 times no fooling it really did please fix. please add new server and plss remove booster pass in new server... Good game bad tactic used to play it comback again start a new account cause i forgot my old account put some money on it im my old account you guys are too greedy thats why your game slowly but surely die and forgotten no eggs for new account damn thats the only redeeming for new accounts used to get lagged at beginning cause influx of player damn saw nothing or players on town goodluck on existing players in this game good potential game bad tactics now another player gone BORING GAME . The game is great overall, there's still a lot of room for improvement. I'd give this game a higher star if developers add a mounting feature. Amazing game that can't play well. Other than super lag this game is best. How lag if you ask i can't even move my character. Just Go read manhwa. That is more enjoyable.. Yeah most of the players says it took 2-5 minutes loading, that's the only issue The game is good.

YOO BRO WHAT KIND OF BS IS THIS ! I'LL SPIT MY SUGGESTIONS HERE: 1. THIS GAME SHOULD HAVE GUARANTEE MECHANISM it applies to versa's chest etc, and enhance for period of tries since those need real money to obtain, e.g.: open 50 versa's chest guarantee 1 mythic equipment, it can be random, better than nothing 10 fail enhance guarantee 100% success But no, dev team give no damn thought about this you mfs !!! 2. PVP MATCHMAKING IS LAME what is kind of pvp to match lvl 80 with lvl 280 ? Bs !. Nearest to being an MMO, I have seen on mobile in a long time. Of course the game lacks lot of complexity & freedom compared to MMOs on PC, but the designers definitely took steps away from many mechanics that most Discord mo(rons)bile players r so fond of. Especially large, quite open, connected (world) maps, leave a lot of space to discover, explore & wander. Graphics & animations are good quality comic-style well fitting the game set-up. A game I can recommend f everyone with good conscience. Great game on it for hours . Best Mobile Game for Children of God 2022.. How to off auto play option?.

The game is awesome and nice but I can't log in if I'm in the game i click the beginning area to play the game but it force exit the game can you fix this problem. I'm trying to loading in the game but it's not easy to do that because I don't have to do this right? I think I'm happy that you're so fan!. I have to login everytime I launch the game and have to change my server. What is the logic behind that? Just only this process makes me not want to play since it takes a couple mins. Playernya banyak,summon monsternya sedikit tapi disuruh killnya banyak dan siapa first hit dia yg dapat.Game aneh apa susahnya summon monster lebih. Good game. Lots of things to do. Characters are nice, the quality is good over all. Would rate it 5 stars, but I cant seem to go to Livias. Everytime I try to the game crashes..The game crashed 5 times in a row,which is very frustrating. Now I cant progress beacuse of this..

I'm new to the game and it won't let me create a character. This is very disappointing after waiting so long for the game to finish patching. Edit: I can play the game now but jeez the tutorial is crazy long. I spent an hour and probably more just on the tutorial and I'm worn out!. Yeah, I love this game, but what we are not going to do is blame MY equipment for YOUR inability to update a game and have it work properly when released. I had literally been playing the game when it forced me out to update, everything was working fine, update and suddenly I couldn't get back in. Yesterday, after letting it sit on the precharacter loading screen for over 20 minutes it allowed me to log with no further issues. Stop blaming your customers!. Repackaged Korean game for a quick money grab. No intentions to properly run the game for American server, causing the player count to barely be more than 50 players left.. After the update, I am not Able to open the game. It's quite disappointing. Maaf, saya lupa mengedit ulasan dalam waktu yang lama, tapi ini adalah game yang hebat. Game ini sangat asik dan menjadi favorit ku. Kerja Bagus!! Sorry, i forgot to edit for a long time, but this game is truly great. I truly like and enjoy it. Keep the good work!!.

I'm done download all data but I'm stuck in intro. Bro this game have lot of bugs I can't even get sculpture class after lv28 no mq coming of big tunnel really suks. 1) too many people use hack. 2) if they get banned, sooner or later they will come back with new ID or just buy new account and use the hack again. 3) Customer Support is useless either in discord or by email. 4) where in the world of games, the community itself need to find, record player that being said hack/cheat then send the proof to GM or via email. So where is ur developer/staff doing? Clock in and clock out everyday? 5) i can't type anymore. Lot of things i want to write/Complaints.. Worst game ever to play keeps on crashing just by entering the dungeons.. Game don't care about CHEAT and HACK. CHEAT leave alone for 1 YEAR ALREADY.

How and where to defeat dark henchman to activate lich shire field raid? I can't find it. I'll give it a few days, but this isn't opening up for me. Goes to a title screen, says it's downloading necessary assets. If it doesn't work in 3 days I'll delete it.. Dead game. Might have been good with players. Is a good game but take to much time in loading. The game is great the art Is so good I like it so only problem is it crashes everytime I reach the second tutorial place .

Why is my game showing in japanese? How can I change this?. Good game, but for some reason it provides no audio.. lies about size of game its 1.3 gig. it wont even play it just keeps crashing. There is a lot of farming to do. It would be nice to have an auto loot option.. 5 Dec 2022,.. "Good game but kinda lagging" 19 Oct 2022,.. " update 900+ MB ".

Great game overhaul alot to learn, could use advance class like necromancer, deathknight. Server issues and a 3gb update. It's alot of fun, reminds me when I was reading the books.. Installed. Fb, Google, Guest. Connecting.. Unknown error.... Connecting.. Unknown error.... Connecting 10x.. Unknown error 10x.... UNINSTALLED.............. Game won't load. Played once and can't log back in.

Cant log in what a waste...... Its a nice game too bad too much previledge no challenge and auto quest ... Make it simple with quest but need to use your brain and hand and no afk plss learn from ..the world of magic even lack of update its more challenging and might be my best game that i found now ..but disappointed .. remove daily login change it to monster drop quest event ... I really like it even since I see it in playstore coz I just reading this manhua then I saw this its really good I recommend this to my friends and family. Started replaying this game again after a year. I'll admit it's gotten a lot better. It's significantly easier to play and level up. One thing tho, there's too much update and maintenance in a month. What's up with that?. game paling bagus saat ini....gaes rate nya naekin biar banyak player baru.

Awesome, I enjoy using this app. . once I downloaded the game I got a message that the game doesn't work on weak security devices. The game is boring nothing like Guardian Tales. This game is actually quite good, but unfortunately there is a lot of lack thereof. Yes, it's like you like to suddenly lag. The temperature of the smart phone suddenly rose and the battery consumption was heavy. That's it and thank you. I would love to give a higher rating, but the constant loading is killing it. If the loading times werent sooo long it wouldnt be such an extreme annoyance. And the lag throughout play was pretty atrocious. Seemed like i would have enjoyed if i could have gotten around these two factors..

Id give 0 stars if possible. You cant even play. In order to do anything you have to constantly sign out and back in, complete the task, get another, and then sign out and in again to do it.. It's cool till you run into the bugs from quests then i uninstalled... I don't have time to be stuck on a quest that is bugged and the developers will have me waiting till they fix it... I'm not waiting for that.. This game is full of bugs!.... The game will lag then crash the game... I have other games that never does that.. Developers need to fix this game but i wont be playing this game..uninstalled!. It is a really fun game with so much 2 do I find myself only playing this game but controller support if possible would b amazing. Optimization is garbo but overall a pretty good game. I hope it improves.. This game is probably a lot of fun to play...but even on the lowest settings, it lags too much to be playable on my Moto G6. Sad, because I was really looking forward to it! As something to compare to, Black Desert Mobile runs just fine on this phone, as does Minecraft..

I have been playing for well I think over a year. with the same wifi the same devices. ever since downloading it no problems. but after the last update after opening up Moonlight sculpture. It's say error unstable connection. I tried uninstalling it a few times. It does the same error thing. Also it won't even show the installing the game files. All I see is a black screen after the error message. Please help or fix I don't know?. Super fun game with lots to do. The open world is huge, tons of quests and enemies to fight!. I've been playing this for years now and yet it's still fun. I've purchased alot in the game now I'm trying to purchase but it says error fix it please. Events are getting better and better. Kindly fix the purchase error I can't buy huhu. please developer, do more advertising so this game could have more player which will be more fun to play with others. this game is really awesome and i di enjoy it, unfortunately you did not do more advertising in Facebook or Instagram which will attract more player to play this game,... The game keeps kicking me out before i can even start playing the game. Please help me.

Game consistently crashes before even playing for 5 minutes; can't even finish tutorial. Would have loved to try it out, it looked like a decent game.. I uninstalled this months ago because of the problems and issues, i installed it again today hoping the issues are now fixed but no, its still has problems, i really want to give this a 5 star for the gameplay please fix this, im still hoping that this game will be fix and enjoy playing it. It 25% idle game with the character able to do some gathering and hunting while attending to real life but depends on which character you still need to grinds to get in game currency to upgrade. The discords server are helpful, this game has some bugs which irritate me a little so kind of sitting on the fence to continue.. This game is easy to play and most times understand and you can gather and enjoy and talk with people it is so much fun thanks for making this game!!!!!1 :). Can't play it. It keeps saying initialization failed. Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, works fine now. It's pretty fun so far..

Downloadinf assets takes too long, idk if it's working or smthin. Ok game is very laggy and shuts down randomly. Can't play it says connection unstable even though mine is great. Consumed and wasted too much data all for nothing, and this asian video game dont load. All a waste of time and garbage still isnt delivered. Still trying to fix it at Pacific mall with them banana popo boba tea !?! After all this world virus pandemic. . . nothing. Only some who think whyte shirt, whyte pants must be the truth . . . true kings n' queens of jewels inside a broken candle in a cheap african ghetto neighborhood with too many indian-vietnamese named Sir. Itillos.. The game was playing fine then out of no where when I tried to log back in I get the warning gameplay is restricted on a device with weak security. I tried it on another phone and still the same. I cannot play it anymore..

Great game but Kakao can't manage. Plague with hackers and Kakao can't ban hackers who spent. Update: I just got banned in their game discord channel for escalate this speed hack to the admin. Is this how you treat a paying player?. Good Graphics,, but the only thing is the game always Crashed when i Enter the game i will change the rate if you fix that problem. Yesterday was fine but today when i log in it said my character does not continue play i need to create new character..i played and grinded a character class sculptor..i played for a long time since global released.. please dev and team help me retrieve my character named Weiz. Can't play it as it won't load past the title screen. Another fun game by this company!.

I read the novel so wanted to play this, but it has a super long loading, the wait isn't worth it.. bad game cant even start up on my phone. Years have already passed but the game isn't optimized well, the loading screen takes too long, I hope it get more optimization, the game is really really great and I love it, it's just that it takes 2-5 minutes when loading, a bit laggy and sometimes it'll just gonna auto close. 5 star for the gameplay.. gameplay is restricted on a device with weak security That show every open this game. It's a great game but can become even more great.

The loading difficulty was to high for my phone. Phone version 1star, so I downloaded the pc version works better having fun. 5 stars if they improve loading.. Cool game but the camera is so far away from the character if feel very disconnected from the action, eve if you're a ranged character. Took more than a month to gather 700+ enchant protection. Used on t5 +18 ,ended up using all to go from +18 to +19. Then accidentally pressed once more and than back to +18. The wonderful feeling I m feeling I can't even express but it's a good thing that the game developers r not in front of me. New players don't play this game, play only if u r okay with p2w. I'm not into games with auto play but this games is a acception. Why can't I login? Even my connection is stable...

So far so good. Impressive graphics and smooth gameplay in general. Load times between sections in town is long but in the bigger areas outside its not an issue. Auto features work well for the most part but you do better often with actually controlling, the auto run is a lifesaver though. Kinda fun to see Weed popping up along the way with his crew.. How to destroy a game? Make it auto play and grindy with ridicolously boring tasks.. Greatt, so exciting knowing that the game is based on one of my favorite novel but it keeps lagging and sometimes crashes, so it's kind of hard to play sometimes, but it's great nonetheless Edit:/ SO LAGY! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I HATE ITTT, I CAN'T PLAY MY FAVORITE STORY My phone is Huawei Honor 8c BKK-LX2, with 3GB RAM, even genshin works on mine, but this doesn't. I can't play the game when i enter the game it's on loading screen after that it's crash i tried so many time i even unstall and reinstall but the is the same how can i review the if I can't even play the game fix THIS. if you not a spender your account will banned in this game.

This bug the developer's fault, why are we the ones in charge?. Definitely is fun to consume time.. I rate 5 because I love "THE LEGENDARY MOONLIGHT SCULPTOR". Too sad i can't play this on my phone. This consumes almost 3.5GB of your storage, or more.. This gane is for PC. I played it on my laptop and it's all good. But when I play it on my phone, my phone is getting hot in just a few minutes. I recommend players play it on PC or the developer team can resolve the mobile phone users problem. I really enjoyed the game . What a great game so far I have liked can do so much in this game and not get bored.

I think this game is good but. It always crashes and the loading time is too long.. Takes so much time on loading. Game is dead, same 8 players keeping chat alive with their excitement. The way this game is made, is they don't want anyone to play it anymore. So much content to be explored, and half the people quit playing because of the level grind. It turned into a way of giving over your phone to a company while you literally have to find something else to do because your phone is playing the ole mmo again by itself. Now you get T4 if you're new. Sounds pretty until the lvl 200-300 grind, thanks Kakao!. I think the game is good. But the looding screen take eternity and end with crash and make me out of the game.. Game designed with best in class mobile mmorpg gaming. Cute cartoonish characters and PVE reminiscent of vannilla pc game WoW. Great for old school gamers. Maybe a bit pay to win from my perspective but you can play at your own pace. The gameplay has RPG char build depth to it for the LitRPG fans. Overall fun and my current favorite mmorpg on mobile and pc. Only issues i had were last year with alot lockups and crashes. So far so good. Also i never PvP due to WoW unbal alliance side virt-PTSD.

Easy fun and addictive havent spent any money and im still progressing pretty fast. Please help. How to install. Cant play on huawei nova 7i. Thanks. Well... Just like other who commented on this game. It's amazing truly... Loved that open-world vibe and exciting to do quest... But the problem is it's too laggy Even I'm using Android 9 phone.. In my internet? I'm using fibr (converge) I hope you increase the servers so all player don't crowd in one place Well.... I tried lowering the graphics, but still laggy.....

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