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My Confectionery Empire is another role-playing game from the well-known company “Coco Play By TabTale”. The developers managed to achieve great popularity and prove to all players that they are capable of a lot.

My confectionery empire
 Gift Codes (2023 February) 1.4.1
All Codes Expiration date
F3Z06JEDGST March 2, 2023
1XJI6N9AZG February 20, 2023
AMTNX3Z4D February 22, 2023
OWA2K3TC0BS February 7, 2023
87YVKTBAUOPQ February 4, 2023
A8BDC6K3ISW January 20, 2023
HRJOTLK82X0 February 15, 2023
MZ2TR1GHCJ March 14, 2023
WFK0IHGYQ February 13, 2023
TAUHLICMD8W March 11, 2023
P1NTALSQ6DBX February 7, 2023
YQ2KS8P5RGM March 5, 2023

The main heroine of the colorful game is a young lady. She dreamed of being a confectioner throughout her life. Her dream comes true. Go through the story and enjoy it with delicious cooking. Help a beautiful lady to fulfill her cherished dream. Basically, you don’t have to do anything hard. After you decide to download My Confectionery Empire for Android, you will have to open your own bakery. This time is coming, the heroine is already graduating from university and getting down to business. It is clear that without the help of other people, she will not be able to do anything, so she turns to you. Spend your free time with her, open different pastry shops, bake delicious desserts and prove that you are a capable cook. Become a professional in your field, amaze with culinary masterpieces and get into the list of the best gamers. Opening a network of confectioneries in the game My Confectionery Empire When you open several confectioneries, you will be able to earn a certain amount of money. Fulfill the desires of all customers, learn how to cook delicious desserts and surprise customers not only with goodies, but also with beauty. Lizzy must become a world-famous confectioner. If you plunge headlong into the passage of the plot, then most likely you will be able to fall in love with a colorful story game consisting of several parts. The project received several features, due to which it gets the first place among role-playing projects. Immerse yourself in cooking, get a good mood and open several high-quality pastry shops. Anyone with a mobile phone, tablet and an internet connection can download My Confectionery Empire for Android.

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