Codes New - Updated on December 25, 2022

My Town: School is an educational mobile application for children, in which an entertaining walk around the school awaits them. They will visit classrooms, set up scientific experiments, taste delicious dishes in the cafeteria, play exciting mini-games and more. Simple controls and clear mechanics make this app accessible to children from three years old, but their parents will also find a lot of interesting things here.

My Town: School
 Codes (2023 February) 7.00.05
All Codes Expiration date
AZDT6KMYRQO January 26, 2023
UR8H2XC351 January 15, 2023
RMF30PU5Y February 1, 2023
L1VNGKF2DTS December 31, 2022
VPABOFW2RJTC January 24, 2023
SMABONJD6TE January 7, 2023
NBEGI92CK1F February 13, 2023
JI436RNK7M December 27, 2022
NDF8Y6OAG February 4, 2023
RH2QX5LFZOD February 7, 2023
MIL2H5FUEB8Z January 12, 2023
CWONM821QLH February 15, 2023

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