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Path of Immortals is a game about brave heroes, powerful gods, and evil demons. First, the player must create his character – adjust his appearance, and personality parameters and choose the desired character class – physical or magical. Next, you will have to complete the first quests, fight weak monsters and get money for killing them. The essence of the game is to overcome the plot, complete additional quests from different NPCs, explore a vast fantasy world, and communicate with other players – you can fight, team up or cooperate with them.

Path of ImmortalsPath of Immortals

Fantasy plot

The plot of Path of Immortals begins in a fantasy world where magic and strange creatures exist. After years of peaceful life, a deadly threat lurks in the magical land – the gates of the Underworld have been opened, and the mysterious Lord of Hell has escaped to freedom.

He led legions of demonic creatures to conquer the continent, slaying all who resisted in his path. No army can stand against the endless army of hellish monsters, possessing unstoppable strength and a willingness to destroy all living things. In that condition, heroes began to appear – all-powerful warriors that became stronger with each victory.

Interesting gameplay

The player must assume the role of such a hero and save the world from the impending Darkness. Different character classes have different construction and combat tactics: mages fight from afar and actively cast spells, while physical gladiators engage in melee combat and can take a lot of damage. from advancing the opponent. The monetized mod transfers an unlimited amount of in-game currency for personal trading activities – you can buy artifacts, learn new techniques and improve yourself for future battles future.

Download ( V1.5.1.2 )
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