Game Mobile - Updated on January 22, 2023

Penny & Flo is a beautiful logical story about a young couple who decide to change their place of residence and, after selling an urban apartment, move to a small provincial town, decide to furnish a new home. and the garden, make friends with the neighbors. , find a job and all that. To do this, users will have to provide all forms of support to husband and wife, try to get various resources and special action points for young couples, help directly with partners. various objects and amazing findings, and at the same time suggest the right decision in a situation.

Penny & Flo: Finding Home (Mod Unlimited Stars/Money) 1.96.2

Penny & Flo (MOD, Tiền không giới hạn) ***

Based on this, in the project fans of logic and puzzle genres can expect incredible challenges in finding objects, repairing various mechanisms and devices, matching objects in row three or more, as well as other quizzes and puzzles.

Penny & Flo (MOD, Tiền không giới hạn) ***

Start helping your family in your new place and you’ll quickly fall in love with Penny & Flo toys. Try to solve the first difficulties of a young couple and perform some tasks without delay. Find a way to get your husband to find a new job and line up cobblestones, trying to put as many of the same pebbles in a row. Try to buy a good stove for the kitchen and replace the refrigerator, looking for suitable materials throughout the locality and neighborhood for these constructions.

Penny & Flo (MOD, Tiền không giới hạn) ***

Look for options on how to fix a hole in the floor, try to get to know your neighbors and invite them to visit, help the kids lost in the supermarket and get valuable rewards in the form of influential patronage of the city government. Use the money mod to quickly equip a new house to your liking and start living for your pleasure.

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