Game Mobile - Updated on June 20, 2022

Plague Inc. you will love it if you get tired of playing for the good stuff and fighting on the good side if you always crave something new. With this unique strategy, you will become the most notorious and ruthless villain.

Non-Standard Target A large number of diseases More than 50 countries reachable in the world Against artificial intelligence So your villain’s goal is to destroy the entire humanity and the entire planet crystals in general. But how to do that? You will spread the virus around the globe, choosing the way of death of these pathetic people. Here you are the strongest, and the inhabitants of Earth can only meekly accept their fate.

You will have access to 12 original diseases that you can modify and improve. You will be able to spread infections in 50 countries around the world. Start with a cold, and then you get plague or leprosy. And if you install the full hacked version of the game, you will get an unlimited number of DNA molecules with which you can make more viruses.

However, Plague Inc. Not everything is so monotonous and playful for you. Of course, you will have a worthy opponent and there will be no one like the AI ​​who will try to develop a vaccine against your virus and prevent extinction. If you are not one biology connoisseur, that doesn’t matter! After all, in this game, there is a detailed help about certain diseases.

In addition, the game fully supports the Russian language. In this way, you will not only destroy the world but also expand your horizons. The main thing is to act without delay and hitchhike, then artificial intelligence will not be able to defeat you. After playing this game once, you will understand how interesting and informative it is.

Download ( V1.18.8 )
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