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The Father of the Gods tried to summon his children. Nevertheless, no one responded. All that was heard was a single prophecy. Every 10,000 years, the world will fall into dysfunction. Heaven and earth will flip, and the celebs will vanish. All will perish and swap into the mud. Each half comes full circle, and the earlier gods shall fall. It wasn’t the gods giving up on humanity. It was the world giving up on the gods. It was a destined calamity… The catastrophe of the gods.

Rage of Destiny Mod APK 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

enjoyable games and cool graphics thank you for this game.. While the graphics are quite stunning from the get-go and characters are intriguing with well written backstories; the game play, for me, gets rather stale quickly and a daily player can become quite bored with the grinding that feels lackluster. All that said, if you like 'AFK Arena' and other games such as that, sincerely try out this game!. Kinda hard to get what you want you have to settle for what you get.. I had the holloween thing around my character head and the game kick me off for 3 days and now I'm on the game and the game has taking it for me it took me for ever to get it.if u can ill like to get it back please???........ Support for this game, I want to enter the game, the game is throwing me out, because I haven't been rated yet, and I haven't set a time for this game.. I liked the game, but after some update a while back, it refuses to load. endless black screen on startup. playing on LDplayer9.

The game is diffrent then what they show.PAY TO WIN ALSO. Simple and fun, does what it says on a label. Tam zamanl iinin stne daha fazla i eklemek durumunda kalanlar iin ok iyi bir rpg/idle. Neden diye merak edecek olursanz; Auto-Campaign, Skip Battle, 4X Speed bunlar mevcut, oyunun sonlarna geldiinizde zaten zekanz ve emeinizle bir yerlere gelebiliyorsunuz. Mkemmel bir oyun.. Tebrikler. Community sucks and just the game is bad. Been good so far except i have 2 elite hero cards and everytime i go to try to use thwm all i het is the message that v3 can be used can someone please help me.

fun, until you hit the higher ranks I've been playing for 2 years trying to get all my players max out and I only have 4 that are240 but now my whole team is messed up because of Halloween relic that let you switch any character with anothers rank and I thought it was going to switch back after 8 days and it didn't, so that's 2 years of playing down the drain.I wish it was more transparent about what it actually did . You will never get maxed out unless you spend a bunch of money. Good game so far, good graphics, good character models. Overall decent for f2p.. The summon scrolls could be better...however the overall game experience is awesome . Awesome, fun, and easy to get good heros. Not complicated.. do better game is dated and boring.

used to be better... daily login rewards should get you a champion after a month but if you forget to sign in 3 times in a month it leads to nothing... only a partial hero which you can never complete so it is an annoying reminder... just got my second i cant complete... why do they do this... so pointless... gets repetetive... the dragons den is supposed to work with chance encounter but its often always the last option to complete to advance to the next level... feels manipulated... a bit sad. I am enjoying this game, it's fun and I like that fact that u can auto the stages and them , I can set uo my team and leave it and do what I have to do and when I get back I can pick up where I left off. Nice one game super duper exciting game but lagy issue hard cres please solve this problem and overall ok good. Well, I guess this game proved me wrong I thought it was a good game. It's not. It's a money pit they want you to spend money and they give you nothing for it. They set levels up higher than the levels previous and the level afterwards so you will spend money to get past that one level. They try every way they can to manipulate money out of you even though the graphics are substandard. When you try to advance a fight it locks up and instead of fixing it they want you to reset and come back in.. Won't load since last update... on either my cell or tablet. It is very annoying, it has been doing this since last Saturday morning..

New update today wont let me log in And i deleted and redownloaded the game and aparently my account never linked to my facebook correctly so i lost 3 years of game play and idk how much i spent on the game but aparwntly its gone. The graphics, sounds and music were great. The game was fun. Now it only loads the page but won't open or play.. Love the game very addicting great graphics all games little rough around the edges and always room for improvement but keep up the good work. I really enjoy the game. Was playing ever legion. But this is better. I love this game I play it for hours.

Played when first released and used a Gmail to save progress. Seems they did some change and all my progress is gone. Uninstalled and won't bother going through all that again.. Great idler with good characters and fun challenges not to mention the graphics there really good too.. this game is a must for idle game players.. Thank you for fixing the game. Finally got back into it after 1am my time.. Surprisingly fun game. A game that everyone has played before, or so they think. Try this game everyone, I believe you're in for a great time.. Fun mobile game. I usually don't like these type of games but the character back stories and art style make collecting fun. I don't think you'll be disappointed giving this game a try..

Cool game, although its basically just Idle Heroes :3. Very smooth and fun and alot of great heroes thank u for the game. Gacha games needs to be ignored. Pay to Win = Scam.. This game is a great example of its type in this Genre.. Heavily pay to win. Also, why would any game punish a player for simply leveling their squad? It makes no sense. The point of leveling your squad is to get stronger to progress through the game, not get penalized for it! Uninstalled..

Terrible on the server, kicking me back out to the main screen or gets stuck, wayyy to glitchy and that's with a cleared cache from phone.. Doesn't go past loading page, uninstalling. I give it a solid 3. The graphics are superb for this type of game. I like the attitude and personality of the characters an lushness of the game. However I didn't like how the auto-play and auto challenge took away from the strategy of true turn-base of the game. There is a way of doing this and I wasn't really convinced that it works in this manner. I can appreciate how it felt in terms of the action. But it felt more hack and slash then turn base which has a quality but lacks in strategy.. Having a blast playing this game. Worst game i ever installed. Except ok visual everything else is pure catastrophe. I just dont understand how this anti game dosent have 1.0 score on Playstore. Also i dont understan why playstore recommend to me this garbge. Samsung S10, game lag as do i i have Nokia 3710, strategy aspect...what strategy, developing...yep maybe in few years, events...jesus christe who do make those f-ups, mone aspect wont coment cose that is something people must see to bealive. Please stop exist. .

The game do not want to open today. Just started pretty cool so far. This used to be a fun game, but they've switched up all the mechanics so it no longer matters how strong your heroes are or what their abilities are, only that you have the ones they want you to. Heroes you grind FOREVER for (or pay TOP $$$ for) no longer have any impact on the game. It's such a shame because they have some REALLY good heroes with sweet abilities...but they are ineffective now. And all new content are these dumb puzzles with bad graphics. My whole guild is uninstalling.. Love the pace and game play. Just another gacha game with no originality. As far as draws go, I just went 60 in a row without getting an epic hero! Which costs 16,200 diamonds. Basically over half the server launch "rewards" lmao. This is unacceptable for a game that needs tons of copies. Instant uninstall..

the game is great but now i fill boring. I'm really enjoying this game!! It's really fun. The mythic hero drop rate is literally garbage after recent updates. It has become heavy P2P. Even grinding don't make up to it, if you are P2P. Downgrading it from 5 star :(. Storyline is unique and entertaining, especially characters history. Don't have to spend money to advance in the game, but, you can spend minimal amount to advance at a faster rate.. People keep asking for Crystal and Demon League loot sources, and what do they do? Constantly release extremely expensive and limited paid packs which include them. Almost every event I've seen involves paying for something or being an extremely high level. If you're a whale, sure play this, otherwise ignore it and play Raid Shadow Legends..

Character resources loading.. please wait for better experience. ... This is error upto 4 hour. This is happen when I update game.. Without any doubt thi is most expensive game. If you dont plan to spend simply there is nothing in this game for you. And i don't mean spend small amounts. That is equivalent of spending nothing. And definitely this is not that much good game. Clasicc faction advantages and spend or be stuck. Looking good but progressing is impossible without big stack of cash. Eberything other than that is lie.Dont get cut up. Plus all big left game cose of all above noticed. Everything what game shouldn't be.. rage of destiny is a fun game i love it. one of the top 20 games available for mobile play i do however, i have to agree with horrible pricing system and drop rate unfairness. as a game, great. price aspects.....big fat F-. Won't load up after new update it's at 100% been installing forever now I had to uninstall and reinstall it .ok it finally loaded and started a new level 1 account and won't let me switch back to my level 83 account.

This is a fun game. However, the in-game cost of summoning and everything else is WAY TOO HIGH for the drop rate. It slow progress a lot. Additionally the real money cost of the gems is stupid and not worth it at all. And the AFK chest is crazy expensive too. I'd rather play Magnum Quest...better graphics, lower prices all around, and far more generous. I'm willing to pay as long as you're not gouging...I'm playing it almost never now. Just doesn't make sense. Amazing game! almost perfect, and with a few changes It would become a game you could never put down. great game u should make an offline mode and my strong hero is the tiger i forgot his name tho but i play this game everyday even at free time in school hours. PvP is broken. Can't see any opponents for both raid and arena. Has me hooked! Would like to see increased chances at some of the hereos outside the main 4 factions.

Boring. The battles are just auto pilot, even moving on to the next battle is automatic. Then outside of battle it's nothing more than snoozing through auto equipping gear, spending currency on ranking up summoned heroes or crossing fingers on summoning a new hero. Zero skill+zero strategy= boring game.. I just started playing and I am falling in love with this game . It is fun and I love the concept and the graphic of this game. It is a very fun and exciting game. I would rate this 5* and would love to see more content being provided in future.. Its my prime choice as far as afks go. I quit for a while, but just couldn't bring myself to devote my time to any other app game.. I used to like this game a lot earlier this year. But now I can't even download the update because no matter how much space I clear (4 gigs free right now), it's still asking me to remove apps before installing. This is bizarre and I even scanned my phone for viruses, which there are none. What's going on with this bug? Needs to be checked asap. Pretty fun but Needs More Heroes..

Just like endless journey... love it.... It's the most amazing action packed adventure game I've ever's simply amazing....I love it love it love it. Compare to other similar games the hero collection is poor and drop is very low, got bored before even got any nice hero. I've been playing the game for 3 days now and I kinda like it. The graphics and gameplay are awesome. The characters and their skills are unique in some ways. The music/audio are fine. I still have to play it for several days to give you an update of this game, but for me it's been great so far.. I play this kind of game a lot. A lot! And this game is one of the hardest, unrewarding game ever. 2 weeks since I play and my heroes still stuck at purple +2 because it's too expensive to gacha! wth man?! I have to pay the same amount of diamond in other game but I still can gacha every freaking day because they're not stingy with the freaking daily rewards while in here I only can do gacha just once in 4 or 5 days only to get a freaking blue!.

Game used to be fun, then RNG comes in and you can't upgrade heroes because you never summon them again or you have to pay for them. It's an okay game but one thing I absolutely detest is the non skippable tutorial at the beginning of every new play. That alone takes away 2 stars There should be a skip button for the tutorial. Muito bom o jogo, simples, porem muito bom. Gorgeous graphics, there's plenty to do.. Bombarded from screen to screen to buy a god dam character for 8.99. Every screen I change to it comes up and you can't hide it for the day either. Plus I've never known so many Russians in one game! Disgusting, uninstalled and applied refunds.

Wow that's a awesome game to simply sit and watch as you can't do anything else except for what the game says to do.. I keep getting "Network Anomaly" even though I have great wifi and have no issues with any other games I play on my android, I can't even get past the main screen where the game has an additional update, help or a fix would be greatly appreciated. I also had no problem with the game in the past and I'm still using the same phone so I'm a bit frustrated and a bit confused. Would rate 5 Stars if I could get a fix for this issues.. Gotta love this game it reminds me of Raid: Shadow Legends, and Mobile Legends. Now it is comebined and gave birth to this awesome game. Looking forward for future uodates. Q-Note: Hook me up with the starter pack. :p. Horrible. Many bugs. Cut and paste from other games. Money grab.. So far the game is satisfying.

Exceptional, I can already I'll let you know as soon aass ..... This game is all that and more .. Thanks to all the developers who set it up to do IN GAME updates instead of having to go to play store. When you make it IMPOSSIBLE to advance in dragon den, makes me wanna delete the game, if u continue to make it IMPOSSIBLE to advance in dragons den...I will delete and stop playing this glitchy crash game. Ur move. Great graphics and easy game to learn. This has to be the third best game out there well for me it's the third best game but maybe for you guys it's the first and also you could battle against your friends and also you could get rare characters and go against other players this game is just the best it's better than the other ones.


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