Game Mobile - Updated on June 4, 2022

Real Gangster Crime offers dynamic and highly addictive gameplay where you can do whatever you want! Steal cars, engage in hand-to-hand combat with passersby, in exciting chases, gunfights with police, and heavily armed gangs!

Tội phạm xã hội đen thực sự (MOD, tiền không giới hạn)

The design of the game Real Gangster Crime, as well as the plot, is very similar to the first parts of GTA. Third-person perspective, can control different types of transport, upgrade the protagonist and change his appearance in specially designed locations.

Tội phạm xã hội đen thực sự (MOD, tiền không giới hạn)

Mod to earn a lot of money is not necessary, but with it, the gameplay will become more vivid and attractive. You can buy the most powerful weapons and customize the appearance of the main character to your taste without making money in the game for quite a long time.

Tội phạm xã hội đen thực sự (MOD, tiền không giới hạn)

For those who like to go through the story, many quests are quite original. For completing tasks, you can get extra points and bonuses.

Tội phạm xã hội đen thực sự (MOD, tiền không giới hạn)

By participating in skirmishes, your character can get many wounds and die. To deal with any opponent, use military equipment. Find a military helicopter and even a tank in a fairly wide spot! Explore a vast city in search of exciting or troubling opportunities – the plot offers complete freedom of action!

Download ( V5.8.0 )
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