Reduced Transmission HD . RTHD MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) 11.3

Updated on March 17, 2024

Name Reduced Transmission HD . RTHD
Publisher T.Mashine
Category Game
Version 11.3
Price FREE
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Reduced Transmission HD . RTHD APK
Reduced Transmission HD . RTHD MOD
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Reduce Transmission HD is a fun game with realistic graphics. You will act as a truck or wagon driver and transport a lot of different goods to remote villages, towns and other settlements. The game has a function of changing day and night, which makes certain adjustments when driving. Weather conditions also affect speed.

For example, in cloudy weather or a blizzard, visibility is significantly reduced, and in clear weather, there is a possibility of blinding by bright sunlight. In addition, a fuel consumption function has been added. So it is necessary to check its number before each trip, so as not to be stuck in the middle of the road and wait for help. In this case, you may violate the terms of the freight forwarding contract leading to bad consequences.

In Reduced Transmission HD, you can drive on just hard pavement. To reach remote villages, you will have to overcome swamps, mud, fortresses and other obstacles. Can pave the way on its own when going off-road. But to overcome difficulties, you also need to improve the car. For example, get new wheels for better traction or replace the engine for better fuel consumption. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, the game features multiple competitions, not just deliveries.

For example, truck rally, winter drift and many others. With the free shopping mod you can improve your truck faster. Also, it will be easier to repair after damage in a contest. To compare favorably with other users, it is possible to repaint the truck and stick beautiful symbols on the bodywork.

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