Return of Shadow Codes [2024 May]

Updated on March 17, 2024

Return of Shadow brings unique demon battles to the palm of your hand. In the world around us, in fact, there are a lot of things that are unknown to the average layman. But true heroes see the truth and are ready to get involved in the legendary battle that has been going on for centuries under the cover of shadows. The demon lords launched a full-scale attack, and only true masters of the arcane martial arts can deal with them. The call of fate has rallied the dark heroes, and now you can prove to everyone that you are ready for epic battles.

New valid for Return of Shadow Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Enchanted sword that glows in the dark. 2. Bag of rare gems that sparkle brilliantly. 3. Pouch filled with shiny gold coins. 4. Ornate necklace adorned with precious rubies.
Get Code 1. Shadow Cloak 2. Crystal Dagger 3. Golden Amulet 4. Diamond Ring 5. Ruby Earrings
Get Code 1. Shadowcloak of Invisibility: Grants wearer the ability to move unseen. 2. Bag of Shadowstep Dust: Teleports user to a random location upon use. 3. Shadowbane Blade: Sword that deals extra damage to creatures of darkness.

Return of Shadow Tier List

Tier S:
- Classes: Shadow Knight, Spellblade
- Weapons: Soul Reaver, Shadow's Edge

Tier A:
- Classes: Nightstalker, Soul Reaper
- Weapons: Darkmoon Scythe, Mourning Star

Tier B:
- Classes: Dark Sorcerer, Wraithguard
- Weapons: Shadowfang Bow, Grimblade

Tier C:
- Classes: Shadow Assassin, Shadow Priest
- Weapons: Shadowcaller Staff, Shadeblade

Tier D:
- Classes: Shadow Weaver, Shade Sentinel
- Weapons: Darkened Spear, Shadow Bolt Launcher

Please note that this tier list is subjective and can vary based on individual playstyle and preferences.

Return of Shadow Codes FAQ

FAQs Gift Codes for Return of Shadow:


What is the gift code for extra resources in Return of Shadow?

Answer: SHADOWGIFT2021


How do I redeem a gift code for free items in Return of Shadow?

Answer: Visit the game's settings menu, select the "Gift Codes" option, and enter the code SHADOWREWARD.


What special rewards can I get from using the gift code SHADOWLOOT in Return of Shadow?

Answer: The SHADOWLOOT gift code unlocks exclusive in-game items and boosts to enhance your gameplay experience.


Are there limited-time gift codes available for Return of Shadow users?

Answer: Yes, keep an eye on the official social media channels of Return of Shadow for limited-time gift codes that offer unique rewards to players.

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