Game Mobile - Updated on January 9, 2024

Robbery Bob not only gets an original backstory but an interesting one with lots of dialogue. Your character just got out of prison, or rather they helped him. He wanted to completely change his life and stop stealing, but to pay off, he was forced to take on a few more extreme jobs.

Robbery Bob

You will find many interesting missions in which you need to sneak into the house, get everything you need, and also escape unnoticed. It sounds quite simple, but in each mission, you will find interesting and unpredictable surprises, which you will have to solve on the spot and quite quickly. Be careful with the alarm, be silent so as not to attract the guard dog and hide from the guards. If you get caught, there is a high chance of going back to prison, but you still have a chance to escape.

Robbery Bob hack

The game Bob the Thief is implemented in a quite interesting top-down style. In this case, you’ll be able to see all the surrounding rooms, not just the one you’re in. This will allow you to take almost complete control of the situation and monitor the environment.

Robbery Bob mod

The game is already super fun, but if you want to get even more fun in passing, install this premium version. It has a lot of coins available to buy any upgrades for free, they will help a lot with the most difficult tasks.

Download ( V1.21.15 )
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