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In Rogue Legacy 2, the hero once again embarks on a journey full of various opportunities and dangers. The player will have to fight enemies, explore maps and develop his character. Using the available skills and abilities, the warrior must solve puzzles, defeat bosses and get in-game achievements. However, at one point the hero will have to die in order to give way to his heirs, who also have to go through various tests.

The second part of the popular arcade inherited the best features of Rogue Legacy, including random map generation and a variable approach to character development. Before the start of the story campaign, the player must choose a hero – a representative of one of the 15 classes; this choice directly affects the features of the passage. The development of the character and his descendants is determined by the skill tree, which allows you to spend experience points on pumping various skills.

The story mode in Rogue Legacy 2 has become much more complicated due to the appearance of relics. They are necessary to obtain special abilities by passing a difficult test. Also, relics allow you to quickly restore health and mana, but they negatively affect the level of determination of the hero. Most of the relics are not preserved after the death of a character, however, his descendants can inherit certain skills.

Additional tests

The central plot line is complemented by a system of hidden tests. They can be found in special rooms, access to which opens after performing certain actions. In addition, the player can take part in hidden missions – Scars of Erebus. This mode was previously present in the original arcade, but in the second part it was improved due to the appearance of new quests. To find one of the Scars, the hero must destroy strong bosses.

New locations

The game world in Rogue Legacy 2 has become much wider, not only because of the large number of missions. In the arcade, new buildings and non-player characters have additionally appeared – for example, the academy and magicians, an alchemy laboratory, an archaeological camp, etc. New places help the player improve the skills and abilities of the character, as well as acquire useful equipment. For the convenience of traveling around the world, subtitles in Russian have been added to the arcade.

Analogues for Android

The Rogue Legacy 2 adventure cannot be installed on a phone yet. As a replacement, Android users can download a similar app: Magic Rampage.

Magic Rampage

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