Slap Kings MOD APK (No Skill CD) 1.9.0

Updated on May 16, 2024

Name Slap Kings
Publisher Lion Studios
Category Game New
Version 1.9.0
Price FREE
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Slap Kings is a crazy mobile action game where you can become a real slap king. Your slaps will make your opponents fly off the screen if you properly upgrade your hero’s characteristics and learn how to strike in time. Defeat various opponents and get valuable game coins that are needed to improve your heroes. The fun atmosphere of the application and its colorful design instantly lift your spirits and allow you to have great fun.

Game Features

Game features: interesting mechanics; vibrant visual effects; exciting gameplay; wide selection of characters; simple controls.


The game mechanics in Slap Kings are both simple and engaging. You control the timing and force of your slaps to defeat opponents. By upgrading your hero’s characteristics, such as strength and accuracy, you can deliver more powerful slaps and send your enemies flying even further. Mastering the mechanics of the game is key to becoming a true slap king.

Visual Effects

One of the standout features of Slap Kings is its vibrant visual effects. Each slap is accompanied by explosive animations and colorful graphics that add to the excitement of the game. From the exaggerated reactions of your opponents to the dynamic backgrounds, the visual effects in Slap Kings enhance the overall gaming experience.


The gameplay in Slap Kings is fast-paced and addictive. As you progress through the levels, you will encounter increasingly challenging opponents that require quick reflexes and strategic slapping techniques to defeat. The thrill of watching your opponents soar through the air with each well-timed slap keeps you engaged and eager to continue playing.


Slap Kings offers a wide selection of characters for players to choose from. Each character has unique traits and abilities that can be upgraded using game coins. Whether you prefer a hero with brute strength or one with lightning-fast reflexes, there is a character to suit every playstyle. Experimenting with different characters adds variety to the gameplay and allows you to discover which one best suits your slapping style.


The controls in Slap Kings are simple and intuitive, making it easy for players of all skill levels to jump right into the action. Swiping on the screen determines the direction and force of your slap, while timing your strikes correctly is crucial for maximizing your impact. The responsive controls allow you to focus on the strategy and timing of your slaps without any unnecessary complications.


In conclusion, Slap Kings is a thrilling mobile action game that combines simple mechanics, vibrant visual effects, and addictive gameplay to create an enjoyable gaming experience. With a wide selection of characters to choose from and easy-to-use controls, becoming a slap king has never been more fun. So, if you’re looking for a game that will test your reflexes and provide hours of entertainment, give Slap Kings a try.


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