Stand Knife Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Updated on March 17, 2024

Name Stand Knife Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Category Game
Price FREE

The modification is a knife simulator where players take part in battles using exclusively melee weapons. All skins for weapons have been redirected to the private version from the original Standoff 2, which significantly limits the choice, but makes it possible to enjoy an exciting gameplay. Having bought a suitable copy and provided it to his soldier, the user can go to the tournament to fight opponents and receive valuable rewards.

One of the main features of the private version of Stand Knife Simulator is its high compatibility with official content. Mod developers are trying to regularly update the available catalog so as not to miss the release of new instances of knives. At the same time, such instances are stored on the private server that were previously removed from the original directory. Using all the variety of available knives, the player will be able to defeat any opponent and successfully complete the fight.

Knife customization

To make the catalog even more original, the developers left the ability to customize weapons. Knives can be decorated with various inscriptions and drawings, hang accessories and change the color of the blade. Also, melee weapons go well with a wide selection of gloves: they can be purchased in a special section of the store. Gloves will be clearly visible when participating in the competition, because. the gameplay takes place in the first person. If desired, gloves can also be improved or recolored by applying the available catalog tools to them.

Gameplay overview

The core gameplay of the updated version remains the same. The fighters go out to fight against each other online. Several hundred users are connected to the game stage at the same time, who can only use knives on a private server. Nevertheless, the passage of the tournament is still exciting, because. players can take cover behind obstacles, equip additional equipment, explore the area and open chests.

For passing the test, the user receives a generous reward. It can be spent on purchasing new weapons or buying boxes with surprises. Useful items and artifacts may fall out of the box, including rare types of knives and gloves. If necessary, the received gift can be exchanged with other users by talking with them in the game chat or on the forum. However, the interface of the updated version has not been translated into Russian.


Despite the fact that the private version of StandKnife Simulator is quite popular among shooter fans, its use remains unsafe. When you open the server, there may be crashes and malfunctions in the smartphone, which slows down its performance. To avoid additional problems with the smartphone, users are advised to install the official Standoff 2 app.

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