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Updated on March 17, 2024

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is an epic mobile RPG game that allows players to collect and battle with iconic Star Wars characters. Strategic gameplay, stunning graphics, and a vast roster of beloved characters make it a must-play for Star Wars fans.


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is an epic mobile game that allows players to relive the thrilling battles and adventures from the Star Wars universe. With its diverse roster of iconic characters and engaging gameplay mechanics, it has captivated millions of fans worldwide. In this article, we will explore the key features, gameplay elements, and strategies to dominate the galaxy in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes.

Character Collection and Team Building

One of the most exciting aspects of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is the extensive collection of characters from the Star Wars saga that players can obtain and utilize in battles. From classic heroes like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to notorious villains like Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, there is an abundance of options to construct your dream team.

When building your team, it is important to consider the synergy between characters. Certain characters have powerful abilities that complement each other, allowing for devastating combinations and strategies. For example, pairing Luke Skywalker with Princess Leia can activate their unique abilities, ultimately delivering a significant advantage in battles.

Furthermore, each character in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes has different roles, such as tank, attacker, support, and healer. It is crucial to have a balanced team composition that covers all these roles to optimize your chances of victory. Experiment with different character combinations and discover the perfect team that suits your playstyle.

Game Modes: Galactic War, Arena, and Raids

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes offers a variety of game modes to keep players engaged and challenged. One of the primary game modes is Galactic War, where players embark on a series of battles against a computer-controlled team. This mode tests your team’s strength, as you progress through increasingly difficult levels. Successfully completing Galactic War rewards valuable resources and currency.

The Arena is another competitive game mode where players can engage in Player vs. Player battles. In the Arena, you compete against other players’ teams in real-time to climb the leaderboard and earn valuable rewards. Strategic team composition and skillful execution are essential to climb the ranks and become the top player in the Arena.

Additionally, Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes features raid battles that require coordination and teamwork. Raid battles are challenging encounters where players join forces with other players to take down powerful bosses. Communicate with your guild members, formulate strategies, and coordinate your attacks to defeat the raid boss and earn exclusive rewards.

Progression and Resource Management

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes provides a gradual progression system that incentivizes players to invest time and effort into developing their characters. As you progress through battles and complete various game modes, you earn experience points, character shards, gear, and currency.

Character shards are essential for unlocking and starring up characters. Each character requires a specific number of shards to reach higher levels of power. In addition to shards, gear is also vital for improving a character’s stats and abilities. Collect gear pieces from battles or purchase them from in-game stores to enhance your characters’ capabilities.

Resource management is crucial in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes. The game offers various resources, such as energy, sim tickets, and crystals. Energy is necessary for playing battles, while sim tickets allow you to instantly replay battles you have already completed. Crystals, the premium currency in the game, can be used to purchase energy, character shards, gear, and other valuable items. Utilize these resources wisely to maximize your progress without overspending.

Building and Joining Guilds

One of the most engaging aspects of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is the opportunity to create or join guilds. Guilds allow players to collaborate, strategize, and tackle challenging game modes together. By joining a guild, you gain access to exclusive features, such as raid battles and guild activities.

Participating in guild activities earns guild currency, which can be used to purchase valuable items and shards. Collaborate with your guild members to complete daily guild activities, contribute to raid battles, and increase your guild’s overall strength. Joining an active and supportive guild not only enhances your gameplay experience but also unlocks additional rewards.

Strategy and Tactics

Success in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes relies on well-thought-out strategies and tactical decision-making during battles. Understanding each character’s unique abilities and role is crucial for maximizing their potential.

Study your opponents’ teams in the Arena to identify any weaknesses or exploitable strategies. Adjust and modify your team composition accordingly to counter your opponents effectively. Additionally, timing your abilities and coordinating your attacks can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Experiment with different team compositions, tactics, and strategies to find the optimal playstyle that suits your preferences. Adapt to the ever-changing meta-game and stay updated with the latest character releases and balance changes to ensure you are always one step ahead of your opponents.


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes offers an immersive and strategic gaming experience for Star Wars fans around the world. From collecting and developing iconic characters to engaging in intense battles across different game modes, the game provides countless hours of entertainment. Master the art of team building, resource management, and strategic decision-making to dominate the galaxy and become a true hero in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes.

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