MOD APK (Latest Version) 5.0.26

Updated on May 13, 2024

Publisher Metajoy
Category Game New
Version 5.0.26
Price FREE
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Introduction to is a completely new product in the world of virtual toys for mobile devices, which is of interest to most users. The game has very simple rules and uses easy targets. The main task is to take possession of as much territory as possible from the points.

Challenges and Strategies

Start thinking with your head and solve a huge number of tasks. Click wisely and capture as much territory as possible on the global playing field with colorful dots. Try to win as many territories as possible so that it is enough to win. The main thing is to act very carefully and try not to lose. Rest assured that the enemies in act in a coordinated manner and it will be very difficult to defeat them. All of them have intelligence and at any moment can globally change the course of the battle. Think through your own strategy and tactics as effectively as possible. Think over your every next step and be prepared for clashes with powerful opponents.

Graphics and Gameplay

Despite the simplicity of the game, it uses very neat, beautiful and cute graphics. Choose monsters and complete a whole line of combinations with them to capture territories. – space to think with your head and test your reaction Hexagons fill the entire playing field, and it is they that players will need to fill here. Thus, in, there will be a seizure of land territories. Attack your opponents skillfully and don’t forget about cunning. Join the multiplayer game mode and organize competitions.

Monster Collection and Features

More than thirty different monsters that will be the perfect decoration for your avatar. Unlock new funny monsters every day for successfully completing missions and enjoy high-quality minimalism in graphics. At the moment there are four game modes with a variety of plans and characteristics.

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