Survival City - Zombieland MOD APK (No Ads, Unlocked) 1.2.0

Updated on March 17, 2024

Name Survival City – Zombieland
Publisher ABI Games Studio
Category Game
Version 1.2.0
Price FREE
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Survival City is an addictive idle game where players build and manage their own post-apocalyptic city. Survive the harsh conditions, explore the wasteland, and protect your citizens from various threats in this engaging and challenging mobile game.


Survival City is an exciting and addictive idle game that puts you in charge of rebuilding a city after a devastating zombie apocalypse. Your goal is to gather resources, construct buildings, and attract survivors to your city, all while fending off hordes of undead creatures. With its captivating gameplay and immersive graphics, Survival City offers a unique gaming experience for mobile and PC players alike.


Survival City presents players with a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. As the mayor of the city, you must manage various resources such as food, water, and building materials. These resources are essential for constructing and upgrading buildings, which will attract survivors and provide you with additional resources.

The game operates on an idle mechanic, meaning that progress continues even when you’re not actively playing. This allows you to accumulate resources over time, ensuring that you’ll always have something to work with when you return to the game. However, active play is also encouraged as it allows you to tackle zombie hordes and participate in special events for bonus rewards.

Rebuilding the City

One of the core aspects of Survival City is the rebuilding of your once-thriving metropolis. You start with a few basic buildings and must expand your city by constructing new structures. Each building serves a specific purpose, such as housing survivors, producing resources, or defending against zombies.

As you progress, you unlock more advanced buildings and upgrades, which provide additional benefits and boost your city’s productivity. These upgrades can be purchased using in-game currency or obtained through completing quests and achievements.

Gathering Resources

Resources are vital for the survival and growth of your city in Survival City. You need them to feed your survivors, construct buildings, and defend against zombie attacks. There are several ways to gather resources in the game.

One method is by constructing resource-generating buildings. Farms produce food, wells provide water, and lumber mills produce building materials. Managing these buildings efficiently is crucial for the smooth operation of your city.

Another way to gather resources is by sending survivors on scavenging missions. As your city expands, you’ll have access to nearby areas where survivors can explore and collect valuable resources. These missions have various difficulties and rewards, providing an additional layer of strategy and challenge.

Survivors and Special Abilities

Survivors are the heart and soul of your city in Survival City. You need to attract them by constructing housing facilities and keeping your city safe and well-supplied. Each survivor has unique abilities and can be assigned to specific tasks, such as farming, construction, or defense.

Additionally, survivors possess special abilities that can turn the tide in your favor during zombie encounters. These abilities range from increased combat prowess to resource production boosts. Utilizing their skills strategically can greatly enhance your city’s survivability and prosperity.

Zombie Hordes and Defense

Survival City wouldn’t be complete without challenging zombie encounters. Periodically, hordes of undead creatures will attack your city, attempting to overrun your defenses and devour your survivors. You must be prepared to defend your city and its inhabitants.

Constructing defenses like barricades, watchtowers, and guard posts is essential for repelling these zombie assaults. Upgrading your defenses and training your survivors in combat will significantly improve your chances of survival.

Special Events and Challenges

Survival City offers exciting special events and challenges that spice up the gameplay and provide unique rewards. These events often revolve around seasonal themes or specific scenarios. Participating in these events not only offers a break from the core gameplay but also grants you valuable resources and exclusive items.

Successfully completing challenges and special events requires strategic planning and efficient resource management. They provide a sense of achievement and give you a chance to showcase your skills as the mayor of Survival City.


Survival City is a captivating and addictive idle game that combines resource management, city building, and zombie defense into a thrilling gaming experience. With its immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and strategic challenges, this game is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end. If you’re looking for an exciting survival game with a unique twist, Survival City is definitely worth a try. Start rebuilding your city, gathering resources, and defending against zombies today!

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