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Tales of Wind – a fantastic city called Laplace was blessed by the Gods, and now it is shrouded in darkness, which at any moment can destroy all life. Be able to resist this.

Tales of Wind
 Promo Codes (2023 February) 4.2.3
All Codes Expiration date
YNBICKW1A3V February 6, 2023
2OQYMFTR1L January 5, 2023
TMY7S4QUW December 26, 2022
1GE7F5H9ZBY January 2, 2023
CQREZYAP7V0B December 29, 2022
6NZDL3CK729 December 26, 2022
T30R6Q5PD2C January 9, 2023
KVAJYTC2NF January 17, 2023
VBKAQ3FDW February 3, 2023
CH59UXAW3Z1 February 5, 2023
IV270613LXYC January 10, 2023
DFHO2T46NLR January 10, 2023

Dynamic RPG with anime characters from the fantastic city of Laplace, who will fight to save the kingdom and fight against cruel demons and monsters. You must join them and help in this cruel war. Gather hundreds of characters around your hero and try to restore the former glory. Fight in multiplayer mode and travel across fantastic maps. Visit the lair of the villains and set up their camp. There are more than 20 types of modes in which you have to play. Invent your own strategy that will help you deal with difficult questions in the quiz, learn to drive and shoot at enemies. Some may even meet their soul mate in this adventure, and this is real. All in all, dive into Tales of Wind and face the challenges. Features of Tales of Wind

  • Multiplayer global city;
  • Many characters to choose from;
  • Create your stories and fight;
  • Dozens of varieties of modes and styles.

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