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The strategy genre is very voluminous and includes a large number of branches, and each of them has a lot of its fans. Tentacle Wars ™ – is a strategy in the genre of “capture-hold”. A very popular and interesting genre in which you have to do several actions per second and think very quickly, otherwise the enemy forces will very quickly recapture everything you have, and then they will finish you.

List of Promo Codes Expiration date
3MFUZGTQCBR August 7, 2022
AYT2P0R7W4 September 10, 2022
SKW9F386X August 5, 2022
QP2GOX4MBSJ August 23, 2022
BHNEP3FOG0K9 September 19, 2022
EAJG2DMHKPC August 20, 2022

You have to look inside an alien creature, which is about to be destroyed by a fast-moving virus that eats and remakes everything that surrounds it. Take control of the body’s last defense – antibodies. Fight off the body, cell by cell, go to victory and recovery of the host of antibodies.

The forcing atmosphere and musical accompaniment will remind you of what can happen if you give up now. A clear and accessible interface makes it easy to navigate in space, quickly resolve tactical issues and win battles one by one. Extend your beneficial tentacles to aggressive invaders and show who is the master of this organism. A large number of levels will drag you in and will not allow you to escape until the alien is saved from this terrible infection.

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