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TheoTown is a city-building simulator. Unlike other city games, here you do not have to complete many tasks and monitor the production and economic situation of the settlement. You will equip the area. Set up residential and industrial zones, add parks and attractions, and build roads and airports.

TheoTown City Simulation (MOD Volume Up/Diamonds) 1.10.86a

The game is created on a graphic background that simulates a real city. The buildings resemble the architectural planning of the city. Now that you are the main builder, it is up to you how the city will look. You can install it for many different types of buildings, from small residential buildings to high-rise buildings. Don’t forget to put a road to connect the area, otherwise, people will have nowhere to walk. Think of everything down to the smallest detail, decorating the city with trees and monuments.

At the start, a large green area is available to you, on which you will need to place a city. After you finish building one, you can start building another. On the map, they will be next to each other and connected. In TheoTown, nothing limits you. You can build however you want. Create your dream city!

Don’t forget to take care of the residents. Sometimes there are fires or other problems that need to be addressed. In place of destroyed buildings, you can place similar buildings or come up with a completely new design and cover the territory.
Download the mod to earn a lot of money and diamonds, then you will not have financial difficulties in the process of arranging the city. There will be enough money anyway, so don’t limit yourself, and let’s create masterpieces!

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