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Total Battle: Tactical Strategy will surely appeal to those who like to wage wars for resources and control over territories. Upgrade your base, develop your leader and look for equipment for him. Explore a huge world with many enemies and interesting places.

Total Battle: Tactical Strategy
 Codes 2022 November
All Codes Expiration date
N85FZ1WG7PX December 11, 2022
EH8J0D6OMB November 10, 2022
8KIVYE1M6 November 20, 2022
8KBUHGICYLQ November 19, 2022
7HLO6UK4E8QG December 31, 2022
FA1V9Z5BP7J December 29, 2022
VOJ3EGLTD92 December 15, 2022
ZMGWQEA18J December 23, 2022
URZDOA7WF January 6, 2023
6ZXIRV130EA December 23, 2022
9IBW54EJ271K December 28, 2022
SVR0F6Y4TXJ January 8, 2023

In this game, you can create alliances with other players and fight against opponents side by side, using the strengths of different armies. Come up with your own tactics and show your skills by taking one of the first lines in the global ranking.

Game Features:

  • a huge number of units that open as you develop;
  • nice design and thoughtful interface;
  • hot battles between players from all over the world.

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