True Skate MOD APK (Free Shopping) 1.5.79

Updated on May 12, 2024

Name True Skate
Publisher True Axis
Category Game New
Version 1.5.79
Price FREE
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Introducing True Skate for Android

Street Skateboarding League presents a great new game! What awaits you if you download True Skate for Android:

  • Touch-screen-adapted movements allow you to feel like a real skateboarder.
  • Push off the ground with your finger and perform ollies, kickflips and other skillful tricks that will earn you True Credit points.
  • Railings, ramps, stairs and much more await you at each of the great skateparks. (Initially one skatepark is available, the rest need to be opened)
  • Slow down and rewind time. Made a mistake? No problem! The main thing is to react quickly and turn back time.
  • Special challenges created by other users.
  • You can watch a replay of your actions.
  • Tables with the best players you can be among!

Additional Features

  • You can open all tasks.
  • Slow down time without limits.
  • Various skateboard designs.
  • Bright colors for wheels.
  • Receiving skate kits.

All this can be obtained for in-game currency – True Credit points, which can be earned for skillfully completed tasks and tricks or purchased for real money.

Required permissions:

  • You must allow data to be written to external media and allow playback from the media. This is necessary so that you can load your saved data in this game and play with it even on another device. Plus, it saves the designs on your skateboard.
  • Record data from microphone and camera. This is necessary because it supports the Everyplay service, thanks to which players record their gameplay on video and share it with others. Thanks to this permission, an option is enabled that allows you to comment on the gameplay of players. Videos can be shared using the Share button.

Download True Skate and perform incredible stunts right now!

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