UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games Gift Codes [2024 May]

Updated on March 16, 2024

This original gameplay has already had a huge number of awards, and if you still haven’t tried this cool shooter, you’re missing out. You can download UNKILLED – Fight for survival with hordes of zombies for Android and then start a really cool adventure among military heroes and hordes of zombies. Each mode of the gameplay can involve several players of the multiplayer mode and together this team will have to go through a very long and interesting storyline. Start completing special tasks and take advantage of large-scale opportunities to solve all the problems and difficulties in the game.

If you can download UNKILLED – Fight for survival against hordes of zombies for android, you will get a lot of opportunities:

  • Cool three-dimensional graphics, which is the full embodiment of the realism of the living world;
  • More than 150 original missions that take place as part of an exciting storyline;
  • About 50 different types of weapons, among which there are even powerful shotguns and sniper rifles;
  • At the end of each stage Bosses and fights with them in this cruel atmosphere;
  • A huge variety of skins for your own hero and types of zombies;
  • Global multiplayer mode, including up to 5 members in a team.

Cool zombie fighting action This gameplay will take you to New York, a city where an epidemic began to spread and zombies began to appear as a result. Now the world needs heroes who are ready to cope with a terrible threat, and you can become one of them. Gather your team of elite heroes and go to this exciting world to deal with monsters and save humanity. You will conduct military operations and be able to destroy a huge number of zombies. Here, players will have access to a completely free map on which they can do whatever they want.

New valid for UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games Gift Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Gold coins 2. Diamond necklace 3. Rare weapon 4. Ruby-encrusted armor
Get Code 1. Legendary weapon 2. Gold coins 3. Rare gemstone 4. Powerful armor 5. Bounty of diamonds
Get Code 1. Legendary gun - Silver Bullet, grants increased damage against undead enemies. 2. 500 gold coins to spend on powerful weapons and upgrades for survival. 3. Rare gem - Bloodstone, enhances player's health regeneration in intense battles.

UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games Tier List

In creating a tier list for UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games, we would need to consider various factors such as weapon effectiveness, character abilities, game modes, and overall gameplay experience. Here's a tentative tier list for UNKILLED:

S-Tier (Top Tier):
1. M4A1 Assault Rifle: Versatile weapon with high damage and accuracy, making it a top choice for various scenarios.
2. Sniper Rifle: Offers long-range one-shot kill capability, essential for taking out enemies from afar.
3. John - Veteran Fighter: Exceptional stats and special abilities make him a powerhouse in the game.

A-Tier (High Tier):
1. Shotguns: Effective at close range, providing high damage output in short distances.
2. Eva - Sniper: Great for players who prefer a more precise and calculated approach to combat.
3. Minigun: High rate of fire and damage output, ideal for dealing with large hordes of zombies.

B-Tier (Mid Tier):
1. Assault Rifles (other than M4A1): Solid choices for general gameplay, offering a balance of damage and accuracy.
2. Jessica - Athlete: Good stats and abilities make her a reliable choice for players who prioritize speed and agility.
3. Crossbows: Unique weapon option with stealth capabilities, suitable for players who prefer a more strategic playstyle.

C-Tier (Low Tier):
1. Melee Weapons: While fun to use, they are generally less effective than firearms in most situations.
2. Support Characters: Provide buffs and assistance, but may not be as impactful as other character choices.
3. Dual-wield Pistols: Fun to use but generally lack the firepower and accuracy of other weapon options.

Keep in mind that this tier list is subjective and may vary depending on individual playstyles and preferences. as such, it is important to experiment with different weapons and characters to find what works best for you.

UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games Codes FAQ

FAQ1: How can I redeem my gift code in UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games?

Answer: To redeem your gift code in UNKILLED, open the game and navigate to the settings menu. Look for the option to enter a gift code and input the code provided. Make sure to follow any additional instructions that may be displayed.

FAQ2: What kind of rewards can I expect from using a gift code in UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games?

Answer: Gift codes in UNKILLED can provide a variety of rewards such as in-game currency, weapons, boosts, or exclusive skins. The specific rewards may vary depending on the code and promotional offer.

FAQ3: Are gift codes in UNKILLED limited to one-time use only?

Answer: Typically, gift codes in UNKILLED are single-use only and cannot be redeemed more than once. Make sure to use the code wisely and take advantage of the rewards it offers upon redemption.

FAQ4: Where can I find valid gift codes for UNKILLED - FPS Zombie Games?

Answer: Valid gift codes for UNKILLED can be obtained through official social media channels, promotional events, or by participating in community giveaways. Keep an eye on announcements from the game developers to stay updated on the latest gift code opportunities.

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