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Wolf Tales is an amazing role-playing game in which you will plunge into the world of wildlife with all its charms and hardships, assuming the role of a wolf. These animals have been living on our planet for many centuries, remaining all the time at the top of the food chain. You are given a chance to lead the pack and lead it to prosperity. The path will not be easy, you will have to overcome many difficulties. Fight for your territory, raise a new generation of wolf cubs, develop a flock and enjoy the beauties of virtual nature.
Game Features:

Wolf Tales
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All Codes Expiration date
ZHAV81UPD6W January 15, 2023
8LP3VQ1U69 February 5, 2023
9GL47T6D1 December 30, 2022
7IN8S1AW5YL January 18, 2023
6BTF7DJKRIL2 January 5, 2023
Y0SOPK14A8R December 23, 2022
K39I2EUHODB January 8, 2023
N8QAPDSFEL January 13, 2023
RUY2WG864 January 25, 2023
HVOKSPR2WA1 January 30, 2023
O9HKZX3DAY1V December 12, 2022
4XMRGKDYASN February 4, 2023
  • dynamic multiplayer battles;
  • many unique skills;
  • developing your own pack of wolves;
  • vast open world;
  • high quality 3D graphics.

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