Game Mobile - Updated on May 4, 2022

Wolf: The Evolution is a unique, innovative game that has no analogs. Made in the genre of tactical strategy and role-playing, the game will take users to a large playing space, and you will be playing the role of the leader of the male Alpha pack – a mighty wolf with fur. White! This is where the main adventure begins!

Wolf: The Evolution

Wolf pack evolution

In Wolf: The Evolution Online RPG, users will have to solve many problems related to getting food for the whole pack, protecting your ward from other wolves, arranging lairs, creating cubs, the evolution of wolves, and many other problems. There are several main types of wolves: Alpha, which determines the ability of the pack in general. Beta, which fights well and acts as a warrior, and Omega, which is weak in close combat, but can heal and produce offspring, as well as perform various functions at the back end of the package.

Grow everything

Develop hunting and fighting skills, fight other wolf packs and apply different fighting abilities. Please give tactical orders to your relatives to promptly hit and surprise the enemy! Grow your wolves’ agility, attack power, health points, and even magical abilities in the form of wings, sharp fangs, deadly claws, and more!


Enhance the general skills of the swarm in the form of increasing offspring, building defensive structures, and other useful items for defense and development! Get a variety of equipment items, and if you don’t have enough money, install a mod with a lot of money, which will allow you to develop a strong and strong lair, as well as create a strong foothold and death in a relatively short period of time. time! Play this tactical online RPG and enjoy the real fun from the exciting and unusual gameplay…

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