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Zombies : MAD ZOMBIES is a gruesome and intense adventure set in a complete apocalypse world where zombies meet and fight to save the universe. You have to become the coolest killer and get to the end.

 Redeem Codes (2023 January) 5.31.0
All Codes Expiration date
FZQDNC0KWRP January 24, 2023
ZAHC5I7KWS January 5, 2023
ZUA5962JO January 1, 2023
OUF09NTMC8D December 28, 2022
CAWDNFM3QPXR January 13, 2023
LOXNJBV1860 January 13, 2023
BXEMPQSK3U2 December 18, 2022
8HSWL16IN5 December 31, 2022
SK5UHGWZ8 January 26, 2023
KUH2GZTRC1O January 17, 2023
TAS7BI8JDROH February 1, 2023
R9S64L028ED February 1, 2023

The zombies continue to hold the power in the world in their hands and so it’s time to end this. Therefore, you, as a real hero, must arm yourself with cool and powerful weapons and come with him to this terrible war. Get ready for the apocalypse in your gaming device, because it has begun and you can get away from it only if you become a warrior. Zombies : MAD ZOMBIES is made in stunning 3D graphics with innovative features. Get ready to go through dangerous trials and become the only one who can survive in this atmosphere. End this war right now and solve a bunch of missions, with intense bosses and new monsters. Everything that will happen in the future depends entirely on how you will react to it. Incredibly cool shooter and action in it is breathtaking, save the universe in Zombie : MAD ZOMBIES and stop the existence of the dead. Villages, cities, highways, forests, these terrible monsters are everywhere, so the player has to go through a journey to deal with them all. Shooting game in epic form Zombie : MAD ZOMBIES This exciting and powerful shooting game against zombies can be played even without an Internet connection and this is its main distinguishing feature. Fight every day in Zombie : MAD ZOMBIES with hordes of terrible and incredibly cool zombies, trying to achieve unrealistically the best results. You have to go through a bunch of levels and collect a huge amount of bonuses and equipment. The game is full of different items that allow you to collect your hero and equip it to its full potential. Try not to make mistakes and act strictly according to your plan.

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