Угадай кино по цитате MOD APK (Free Purchase) 1.5

Updated on March 21, 2024

Name Угадай кино по цитате
Publisher juta.ms
Category Game
Version 1.5
Price FREE
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Угадай кино по цитате APK
Угадай кино по цитате MOD
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Guess the Movie by Quote is an app for all cinephiles!

Significant films have become ingrained in the memory of millions of viewers around the world and have long become part of the cultural code. This game contains quotes from all the films important for the history of cinema, including a lot of Soviet classics. Do you remember where the phrase No, it’s better you come to us!, Or I will command the parade!, Or … you don’t ask with respect, you don’t offer friendship, you don’t even think to contact me ….

With this quiz you will go on a nostalgic journey through the waves of world cinema. The game includes films of different genres without restrictions on cinema eras, there are both old films and modern ones.

If you are a great connoisseur of pictures, and the standard game mode is too simple for you, guess the movie from the quote with the reverse meaning. That is, in the statement from the film everything will be the same, only logically deployed backwards.

The stock of the game has more than six hundred quotes. The game will provide an opportunity to remember old films and learn about new current films. Even if your knowledge is not great, the game will make you a movie expert.

This is clearly not something to think about tomorrow! Download right now!

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