APK - Updated on January 25, 2023

Your game character in the new Pixelance game is a brave and courageous traveler who will have to roam not only through villages and cities, but sometimes wander into gloomy dungeons and caves, and sultry deserts. Your solo hero’s name is Lance. It is he who will have to fight various unfriendly creatures along the way. So in the cave he will meet goblins who will try to show him that they are the masters here. However, the brave tramp Lance will be on top here too! After all, you put bronze armor on him, which protects the hero from all kinds of blows and injections.

Pixelance  MOD APK (One Hit) 1.6.4

It turns out that in order to win in an unequal battle, and Lance has such at every step, since he repels attacks alone, you don’t necessarily need powerful weapons, but rather reliable and powerful armor. Don’t forget to reinforce your hero’s powers with food, but don’t overfeed him too much either. Distribute food supplies evenly.

Lance is faced with a difficult task – to solve all the quests, defeat all the enemies on the way and survive in unrealistically difficult conditions!

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