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Alien Shooter 2 – Legend is the sequel to the legendary top-down shooter played by millions, hundreds of millions of users around the world. Now the legendary shooting game is back in the second part, but already on mobile devices and you can be the first to try it.

Alien Shooter 2 – Legend
 Codes (2022 December) 2.5.3
All Codes Expiration date
UM8TOK2IFGW December 20, 2022
TW7YD86UC4 January 8, 2023
4PMQ5YRCD January 14, 2023
DH0MKWE2XYQ November 26, 2022
S1QRFT9YP2OI December 13, 2022
U75X3FQI0MR January 2, 2023
HAWIS5CXM3Y January 14, 2023
LP57DZ6VKY December 2, 2022
MTXQLV80W November 21, 2022
NO9W0CTKV7Q December 6, 2022
0QYJM3NKXTDW November 29, 2022
OW2Q7VTEZ1P January 16, 2023

Now you can launch this exciting and addictive shooter right from your mobile device. It is very easy to get drawn into it, and if you do not believe it, just try to feel this explosive power. The player from Alien Shooter 2 – Legend will need to go through an amazing storyline, as a result of which the heroes will be able to discover all the mysterious places of this world and solve riddles. To deal with this situation that has arisen, you will need to go through story scenarios. Shoot terrible monsters and try to get to the corporation. Not everyone will be able to survive here, but some will get a chance to reach the end. From the first part of the legendary shooter, heroes already familiar to everyone will appear in the second, such as Baker or Kate Leah. Together with them, it will be possible to go through Alien Shooter 2 – Legend again and learn a lot of interesting and fun things. Spend all your free time playing this amazing shooting game and level up your character. Alien Shooter 2 – The legend of the gaming world of shooters A huge number of hours can be spent playing this exciting shooter. Go through a huge number of missions and scenarios based on the original story company. Improve the power of your character and upgrade the entire arsenal of weapons to be able to resist not only monsters, but also other players in the universe. A huge number of locations from Alien Shooter 2 – Legend will be available to every player and in the process you can win new guns and equipment as a reward. This is going to be a great battle on mobile that you can enjoy for an incredible amount of time.

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