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An exciting strategy game with an interesting and unusual plot. How long have you been paying attention to the microworld? It’s time to shrink down to bacteria size and beat the game.

Bacteria World: Agar Coupon Codes (2023 February) 3.2.0
All Codes Expiration date
4GLVQRFKDNS January 1, 2023
2MY1UVIDTE January 18, 2023
Y9VXU1PQK February 2, 2023
CDO5RMSGL1A January 22, 2023
8B73YG1QMLH5 January 28, 2023
4VPD05H78I2 January 16, 2023
8R6FB0ZJO2G January 24, 2023
1A2S6T9P8Q January 23, 2023
AL9EWRCV5 February 3, 2023
WP32M97ROU8 February 24, 2023
TOK7R586WZFA January 30, 2023
D58KFMJSUEG January 20, 2023

The goal is simple – you need to eat as many microbes that are smaller than you and grow to the largest size. Accordingly, the more of your relatives you eat, the more you will increase yourself.

It seems that passing “Bacteria World: Agar” is quite easy, however, the first impression can be deceiving. At the micro level, various dangers, obstacles and enemies await you. When passing the game, it is worth remembering that the rest of the bacteria are controlled by the same players as you, which means that someone bigger will seek to devour you. As such, there are no levels, the action takes place on the same site.

The game has many nice features, for example, you are free to choose the appearance of your bacterium and give it a name. Of the characteristics, I would like to note the thoughtfulness of the game: large microbes are subject to decay, which means that it cannot be that the same player always occupies a leading position. The game has nice 2D graphics, but, unfortunately, is not accompanied by music.

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