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As a rule, application developers pay little attention to microbiology games. But still, there are such interesting and original applications, and many arcade lovers are addicted to them for more than one hour. In the Biotix: Phage Genesis app, you also have to face the world of an epic struggle for survival. In your arsenal there will be many of the smallest, but very dangerous biological organisms.

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W4GJ1T36ZQ9 September 6, 2022

To begin with, make a choice, choose the side that you will defend. And the rest of the microorganisms you should destroy. Those organisms that fell under your choice should interbreed and improve in terms of the genetic code with your help. When your microorganisms are powerful and strong, they will be able to absorb opponents. Modify and mutate your organisms and at the same time think over your strategy of war with biological opponents. Your goal is to become the main species of this microcosm.

Biotix: Phage Genesis app features 30 unique levels, 4 cell types, 5 stats of different ranks, intuitive controls and addictive gameplay. Download the game and enjoy multiplayer! It will be interesting!

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