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The Seasons of War strategy gives you the opportunity to feel like the ruler of a state. You will have to think over not only the tactics and strategy for the development of your state as a whole, but also plan the economy step by step from the point of view of benefits. Think about what will be profitable for you at the moment: build new fortresses or go and capture the castles of enemies who have been looking at your cities for the same purpose for a long time.

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FYIEMB4N3ZD July 23, 2022
XOZD5FTUE0 September 9, 2022
C360HK2IR August 26, 2022
NHEW19OGRA8 September 9, 2022
HJQFWBLIT21C August 20, 2022
U2GKAHO7N61 August 8, 2022

Start by laying out the first beds on empty lands and growing agricultural products on them. With the money received from the sale of vegetables and cereals, buy wood and building materials. Build the first residential buildings. Next is the queue for small factories. When you receive profit from sales, plan where it is better to use it. Recruit workers from the inhabitants of the settlement, and do not forget to take care of them. Provide them with food, and try to diversify their diet. In this case, the inhabitants of the town will work, and be in contentment and happiness. And now your settlement turns into a small city. Then the number of cities in your state will become more and more. In cities, the usual infrastructure appears: educational, cultural institutions, shops and markets.

In parallel with the development of cities, do not forget to expand and strengthen the army. Upgrade your warriors and send them on campaigns. But let half of the troops be on the protection of the state from the raids of opponents.

Prove to everyone that you are the wisest ruler who can provide stability and prosperity to all his subjects!

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