APK - Updated on August 6, 2022

Bird Land Paradise is an incredibly colorful farming casual game. Breed exotic birds right on your phone, create a real Bird Paradise for them.

List of Cheat Engine Expiration date
IDHXCM8BQU9 September 1, 2022
35NCDYB8FK October 3, 2022
5DUCSY6GX September 12, 2022
PIEZ7WGKJDX August 19, 2022
69FZD8K05ESA September 16, 2022
DIS4XFH1WQM August 11, 2022

This game will take you to a tropical island with lush vegetation, which is simply doomed to become a paradise for all kinds of birds. Buy the brightest and rarest birds, equip and decorate their cages, create comfortable living conditions for them. You can completely redo the location to your liking: plant tropical trees, hang flexible vines, spread lush flower beds or sharp rocks. Or maybe the birds will like it more at a refreshing spring with crystal clear water? Or on the seashore with yellow sand? The choice is yours.

If you create suitable conditions for your pets, you will get the opportunity to cross them with each other, bringing out new species, even brighter and more colorful.

By the way, not only birds can be settled on the island. If you think that other animals will cheer up the birds, feel free to buy them too.

The game is in English, distributed free of charge and does not contain ads at all. There is paid content.

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