Codes New - Updated on July 17, 2022

Cat War 2 is a strategy game where you have to help an army of brave cats defeat their opponents. Send warriors to protect the honor of your kind.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
MTZ5QF4COUW September 1, 2022
73W5KT9J8U August 23, 2022
HQ2TI3M76 September 4, 2022
5UD1QS7L8B2 August 4, 2022
E67PYU512VFL July 25, 2022
GIYX8O4Q2UA July 25, 2022

Long before the advent of mankind, cats and dogs were powerful races. Dogs oppressed cats, destroyed buildings, smashed fighters, and even took kittens for themselves. Cats appealed to the help of God Kotofinks, Only he could help return the stolen children. For interference in earthly affairs, the rest of the gods expelled the Catophinx, just at that time the dogs launched another offensive. Help the cats to perk up. Control heroes and get special abilities. Guide the cats, collect resources to strengthen the military positions. Ease of use and individual settings will help you win this great battle!

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