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Updated on March 17, 2024

Name Chicken Invaders Universe
Publisher Betacom, S.A. (GR)
Category Game
Version 1440100
Price FREE
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Chicken Invaders Universe is a multiplayer online game where players take on the role of chicken-fighting space pilots. Journey through various galaxies, defeat waves of chicken invaders, and unlock new ship upgrades in this fast-paced, action-packed adventure.


Chicken Invaders Universe is an exciting online multiplayer game that takes the classic Chicken Invaders franchise to a whole new level. Developed by InterAction Studios, this game allows players to team up with friends or compete against other players from around the world in an epic battle against the evil chicken menace.


In Chicken Invaders Universe, players take control of a spaceship and navigate through galaxies, fighting off waves of invading chickens. The objective is to destroy as many chickens as possible while avoiding their attacks. Players can collect power-ups that enhance their spaceship’s weapons and shields, making it easier to defeat the ruthless fowls.

One of the most exciting aspects of Chicken Invaders Universe is its multiplayer mode. Players can join forces with friends or join random teams to take on the chicken threat together. Cooperation and strategic planning are essential to overcome the increasingly challenging waves of chickens and achieve victory.


Chicken Invaders Universe offers a wide range of customization options to personalize your spaceship. Players can choose from different ship designs, colors, and even unlock special skins as they progress through the game. This allows players to stand out and showcase their unique style in the midst of the chicken invasion.

Additionally, players can equip their spaceships with a variety of weapons and upgrades. From lasers and missiles to powerful special abilities, each player can choose the arsenal that suits their play style and helps them defeat the poultry threat more effectively.


As players defeat chickens and complete missions, they earn experience points and collect valuable loot. Experience points help players level up, unlocking new ships, weapons, and upgrades. Loot includes coins and various items that can be used to further enhance the player’s abilities and spaceship.

Chicken Invaders Universe also features leaderboards, allowing players to compete with each other for the top spot. Achieving high scores and climbing the leaderboards is a source of pride and a way to show off your skills to the rest of the community.

Community and Events

The community aspect of Chicken Invaders Universe is an integral part of the game’s appeal. Players can join guilds and interact with other players through chat and forums. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, as players can discuss strategies, share tips, and arrange cooperative missions together.

Furthermore, Chicken Invaders Universe regularly hosts events and challenges for its players. These events introduce new gameplay mechanics, exclusive rewards, and provide a fresh dose of excitement and competition. Participating in events is a great way to keep the game engaging and ensures there is always something new to explore in the chicken-infested universe.

Updates and Support

InterAction Studios is committed to providing regular updates and support for Chicken Invaders Universe. They listen to player feedback and continuously improve the game based on community suggestions and bug reports. This ensures a dynamic and evolving gaming experience that keeps players engaged and invested.

Furthermore, InterAction Studios offers a dedicated support team to address any technical issues or inquiries players may have. This level of support contributes to a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


Chicken Invaders Universe is a game that successfully combines classic arcade-style gameplay with modern multiplayer features. With its engaging gameplay, extensive customization options, and vibrant community, it offers an addictive experience for both casual and competitive players. Whether you’re a fan of the original series or new to the franchise, Chicken Invaders Universe is definitely worth checking out.

So gear up, pilot, and prepare to save the universe from a clucking menace!

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