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Clash of Legions is the ultimate fantasy mobile strategy game. Here, anyone can show their tactical skills in exciting battles with players from all over the world. Raise a powerful army and equip yourself with powerful spells to pulverize your bloodthirsty enemies. Quickly rebuild your base, get resources and develop. Choose from dozens of featured battle maps that you will remember for a long time. 9 game modes provide ample opportunities for strategy formation, so get ready for epic battles.

Clash of Legions Gift Codes (2023 June) 2.4.7
All CodesExpiration date
A2FKOVPW8NEJune 21, 2023
0E1PMJ98V4July 22, 2023
3EW164NVOJune 16, 2023
5JWL6P7F4XDJuly 23, 2023
3QVTLZPEBXOYMay 28, 2023
8ILGJRY4T1OJuly 2, 2023
HXINWZVLR1MJuly 10, 2023
8TC0KF569UJune 26, 2023
KTWNZDYOEJune 21, 2023
RH76V4GT1MUJuly 24, 2023
GS369RVOKD0CJuly 1, 2023
B1TQIZ3MG7KJuly 13, 2023

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