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Hundreds of millions of players around the world have already tried to take part in this original and exciting action. You just need to download Crossy Road for Android and start having unlimited fun. This game has the maximum addictive effect, and it was never easy to tear yourself away from it. Get hundreds of amazing levels and advance through them in order to win the greatest victory against players from all over the world participating in the world ranking system. A huge number of hours in a row you will enjoy exciting levels and each level will get new sensations.

Crossy Road
 Discount Codes 2022 November 5.0.0
All Codes Expiration date
B3WDV7ACOXQ December 15, 2022
LC2GXB5DIZ November 28, 2022
RLOQ6EA2V January 13, 2023
MY0ZHCA86X5 December 5, 2022
M5KPRVYJ1F3I January 12, 2023
4P5D6JQK1IX December 27, 2022
DVAN5TR4SWG January 4, 2023
4PFSYUL7NH January 12, 2023
SXLZ0WPK8 November 29, 2022
N7E3AD59UVZ December 20, 2022
2ZGFS50TP4EK November 23, 2022
E4PSNAHWTVD November 28, 2022

Understand the huge variety of problems of this cubic original world when you can download Crossy Road for Android. In this game you will find the following features:

  • About a hundred original funny game characters taking part in this exciting arcade game;
  • Game mode created in the original retro style;
  • A lot of amazing locations, among which there are roads, rivers and even railway tracks;
  • Very simple controls that you can easily get used to and start playing;
  • Very nice and clear interface together with gorgeous graphics;
  • A completely free game that can give you endless hours of enjoyment.

Eight-Bit Adventures When a chicken wants to cross the road, you will need to help him in this matter and do it with great care and caution. There is a lot of traffic on the road, so it will be difficult for him to get to the other end of the street without your help. In addition, there will be even more diverse characters, such as pigeons or even the unicorn itself. All of them need help in various situations. Find a stolen cow or collect a bunch of goodies. You can take part in this arcade endlessly and constantly get new sensations.

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