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Dead Empire: Zombie War puts the epic zombie apocalypse in the palm of your hand. Take command of a squad of beautiful women, each with their own unique story. Join forces with other fighters to deal with constantly advancing enemies. Equip your base, save the survivors, take part in large-scale multiplayer battles and destroy the ubiquitous army of the undead.

Dead Empire: Zombie War
 Codes (2022 December) 0.39.0
All Codes Expiration date
5TQ3FXZBK61 November 22, 2022
C6Z59YJS34 November 25, 2022
WQ1BJL8FV December 26, 2022
OSA3FQLPC4I December 23, 2022
FVQ7OZ05AH9U November 28, 2022
XSTHEQL50RU December 24, 2022
KLGERAWF076 January 9, 2023
UYAEZQJ45K January 15, 2023
LVM0DWZS2 November 20, 2022
06GAWFISZRX January 9, 2023
0VYNQGXAPZ5I January 11, 2023
MNUKS5LB7Q0 January 10, 2023

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