Codes New - Updated on August 11, 2022

Does Not Commute – Solve an incredible puzzle and unravel the mystery of a town with an interesting history. Follow the routes and be prudent!

List of Redeem Codes Expiration date
C49KYQFIPOZ August 11, 2022
Z81TV3U7OB September 23, 2022
039FVDKRU August 21, 2022
F5PIR0DQVG2 August 16, 2022
6G0VXLIRNUEZ August 22, 2022
HAFCSEW9PVX September 5, 2022

The history in this game is covered in darkness, amazing events are here at every turn. The game is built on changes in time, they are difficult to understand for a simple layman. Events take place in a small American town. You have to play the role of certain characters without knowing it and make the same route that they did. The game begins with the moment when you are asked to drive a simple route from point A to point B. Then, you change to a new car and do another route, but along the way you notice that the car you were driving originally passes its first route. After passing the second route, you change the car again and drive along new streets, but the story repeats itself, you see your first car again, and then the second one. You make about 20 routes, and the city is flooded with various cars, and you have visited all of them. With the change of car, the passage of the track becomes more difficult. It is necessary to move thinking through your actions in advance.

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