Codes New - Updated on July 17, 2022

Dr. Parking 4 is an Android game that provides an opportunity for each player to try their hand and hone their existing car parking skills. In a variety of situations that you may encounter in life. If you think that parking is an easy task that everyone can do, then this means that you have not played Dr. Parking 4, which will change your mind about this, at first glance, an ordinary process.

List of Discount Codes Expiration date
TFG8BVK6CRP August 22, 2022
Y5D9TW1BVN August 6, 2022
75S2XLJG8 September 12, 2022
WQZYNEFGDS1 September 8, 2022
H35XZ2KQRU8I August 6, 2022
NJVQ42ZIYMF August 20, 2022

Before sending on tasks, you need to choose a machine on which you will try to cope with the upcoming tasks. Fortunately, there are a huge number of different vehicles in the game, and their differences lie not only in appearance, but also in technical characteristics, which can be significantly improved with the help of in-game credits that you earn for successfully completing missions.

First of all, you should complete the tutorial, as it will help you understand all the functions of the game, and only then you can proceed to more difficult tasks and missions.

The game is controlled using a special virtual steering wheel, which is located on the right side of the screen by default, and the gas and brake buttons, respectively, on the left side, however, in the settings you can change their position and sensitivity both to higher and lower side. During parking, it is possible to switch the camera view, and observe everything that happens from the most convenient angle for you.

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