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Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos is a 3D dynastic game where the user has to become one of thousands of heroes and fight for power in this Empire.

Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos
 Coupon Codes (2023 February) 13.3.600
All Codes Expiration date
5Z8PB6V0GXQ April 3, 2023
TEJCAR8HY9 April 7, 2023
V258E1QDC March 26, 2023
VGN905BAQKF March 26, 2023
0Z452FHDOLE1 April 3, 2023
47TELZRDY9C March 9, 2023
KF2T5QUGXZR February 10, 2023
ECX10A42FP March 13, 2023
UHZDO34CR March 9, 2023
G3E8MYU6XDF March 24, 2023
FT7QG9JLH6KE February 15, 2023
2YL6V43SX1I March 29, 2023

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary RPG style game where you have to participate in fierce battles and duels. Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos has an innovative graphical style and the visuals look great. You can fight every day and build up your combat power. The number of enemies will continue to grow each time and soon you will have to deal with tons of such monsters on the same level. Intense real-time duels will give pleasure to the user and he will have fun. Come to the team mode and fight against the most dangerous enemies in groups. Pick a team of 9 heroes and fight for a reward. Features of Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos

  • Crazy trials in a fantasy world;
  • Team modes with online users;
  • Cool heroes and monster bosses;
  • Hundreds of epic character cards;
  • 9 vs 9 fights with friends in the same faction.

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