Ellen's Garden Restoration Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 9, 2024

Ellen’s Garden Restoration is a project dedicated to revitalizing neglected green spaces in urban areas. By implementing innovative codes, the project aims to create sustainable and vibrant community gardens that benefit both people and the environment. The codes prioritize using organic gardening methods, promoting biodiversity, and involving local residents in the restoration process. Through these efforts, Ellen’s Garden Restoration codes aim to transform neglected spaces into thriving oases of beauty and tranquility.

New valid for Ellen’s Garden Restoration Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Golden watering can for faster plant growth 2. Bag of rare flower seeds for exotic blooms 3. Enchanted garden gloves for a magical touch 4. Diamond-studded flower pot for a luxurious touch
Get Code 1. Rare flower seeds 2. Bag of golden coins 3. Beautiful emerald necklace 4. Enchanted gardening tools 5. Diamond-encrusted watering can
Get Code 1. Rare flower seeds for a unique garden 2. Gold coins to upgrade garden features 3. Elegant garden tools for efficient restoration

Ellen's Garden Restoration Tier List

Sure! Here is a tier list for the game Ellen's Garden Restoration:

S Tier (Top Tier):
1. Rare Plants: These plants are difficult to find and provide the highest rewards for collecting them.
2. Master Gardener Ellen: Ellen herself is a valuable character in the game, providing special tools and guidance to help restore the garden efficiently.

A Tier (High Tier):
1. Exotic Flowers: These beautiful and rare flowers add aesthetic value to the garden and attract more visitors.
2. Garden Decorations: Ornamental items such as statues, fountains, and benches enhance the beauty of the garden and attract more attention.

B Tier (Mid Tier):
1. Common Plants: These plants are easy to find and collect, but they still contribute to the overall restoration of the garden.
2. Basic Tools: Tools such as shovels, watering cans, and pruning shears are essential for maintenance and upkeep of the garden.

C Tier (Low Tier):
1. Weeds: These unwanted plants can hinder the growth of other plants and take up valuable space in the garden.
2. Pests: Insects and animals that damage plants and disrupt the harmony of the garden require constant attention and control.

This tier list is based on the importance and impact of each element in Ellen's Garden Restoration. Players can use this guide to prioritize their actions and make strategic decisions to restore the garden effectively.

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