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European War 6: 1914 is a historical strategy about wars in Europe. Here users will be able to go through such great events as the invention of the steam engine, the first ships and much more. Engage in the development of your own empire, participate in high-profile historical wars and increase the scale of the colony. More than 150 real-life battles were included in the mobile strategy, they are divided into 10 chapters. So, the military general will have to go through such events as the European powder keg, the Dawn of Victory and many other events. Choose your general to achieve great success.

European War 6: 1914
 Promo Codes (2023 January) 1.3.38
All Codes Expiration date
87KB1WV5ECR December 29, 2022
YHVSFWQX31 December 15, 2022
5W247KRIH January 15, 2023
0OSLB1DQK6N December 7, 2022
YOGMDWXJQLZT December 20, 2022
PL2V0M1FHGK December 28, 2022
S4NLX7BR5G8 December 5, 2022
TKSR4I3CZL December 24, 2022
79DG26UJK December 22, 2022
CT1FBDNME5X December 28, 2022
ZCLIGKBTQWYA January 8, 2023
GRB236K4LDM December 22, 2022

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