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One of the popular toys, created in an unforgettable role-playing style and fantastic graphics. You should try to download Idle Heroes for android and take part in this unique gameplay without fail. You will be expected to travel through a huge fantasy world. There are magical forests where fabulous creatures live, and you will get to know them. Millions of players around the world have already opted for this RPG and you should not be left out. You are waiting for adventures across the endless world together with a fantastic squad of heroes. Visit the ruins of this ancient world and fight the monsters that have arrived from the side of dark forces.

Idle Heroes
 Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
A1OBXEUGYDJ February 8, 2023
W15EGUMLDX February 27, 2023
HQX3OR0CU January 14, 2023
5LXE98GYRBF January 10, 2023
18SZ6XCI7UNJ February 22, 2023
9M63Y7P0U8L February 25, 2023
RS1Y4O7NJIQ January 7, 2023
AFW3UTH57N January 10, 2023
AHXQ1JT52 January 10, 2023
M42W5096XR7 February 19, 2023
M4ZULBVTYGWP February 2, 2023
IUZ2FSV9BDL January 9, 2023

When you can download Idle Heroes for Android, you will start using a lot of role-playing game features, among which are the following:

  • Participation in fantastic intense battles with monsters and magical creatures;
  • Gather a squad of various heroes with unique abilities and skills;
  • The ability to play even in offline mode and enjoy unlimited fun;
  • More than two hundred heroes and the same number of original skills;
  • Beautiful fantastic 3D graphics.

Hundreds of Original Heroes Choose from a roster of original heroes to take part in these mythical battles. You will be able to upgrade the weapons of your warrior and his uniforms. Together you will fight in epic battles and win exclusive rewards for your achievements. Choose a team of 200 heroes that belong to various categories. Pump up the levels of your heroes and advance further in the course of the gameplay. Explore a lot of locations and use your own unique graphics. All combat operations do not require complex actions, and you can easily learn how to control the gameplay.

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