Codes - Updated on July 24, 2022

Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup is a game developed by the creators of Fashion High School and many fashion TV shows.

List of Codes Expiration date
6XA1HUB2VYF August 9, 2022
C9HJLGFPRO August 24, 2022
A56LG9YRN July 24, 2022
F1O46BUJ832 September 13, 2022
MURETJ6425S9 September 16, 2022
6SPUI0KWQN7 September 14, 2022

You will have only one chance to get into the modeling business, try not to miss it, because they don’t give a second chance in it, and failure means a forever closed path to the big podium.

Create your own styles and costumes, try experimenting, design and test it all on your models. Work hard before you even for a second think that people will like it, and even more so the expert jury. The world of fashion is mysterious and unpredictable, just like what happens in the minds of experts. Therefore, even if you think that you have done the most incredible, beautiful, outrageous and exactly the kind that everyone will appreciate, then take it and make it twice as good, and only then can you try to submit your work to the court.

To help you, the developers have sent a huge, simply incredible amount of tools for creating fashion. All kinds of clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, cosmetics and make-up will be available to you at the stage of creating your models. Use your own style, or go for the traditional ones: glam rock, sports, vintage style and so on.

Be prepared to listen to what the jury thinks about your work and about you too. Truly, these are the most fearless people who believe that speaking nasty things to people and calling it honesty is a luxury that they can afford, and most importantly, safe.

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